Connecting the dots when it comes to mergers and acquisitions

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According to Harvard Business Review, 70-90% of all merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions fail. Why? Because of IT delivery capacity.

M&A can put significant pressure on existing IT to deliver, as two sets of tech infrastructure, people and processes are coming together and must unite (somewhat) seamlessly to continue “business as usual”.

Systems integration is a key strategy to ensure that business systems work more efficiently, effectively, and seamlessly. Systems integration in M&As combines the best aspects of both businesses’ IT, so otherwise disconnected systems can communicate and share data. Composing APIs can enable the integrating of data, applications and systems, creating a unified and connected experience for M&A initiatives.

When you leverage systems integration in your M&A, you can realise these benefits:

  • Access to new software platforms
  • Modernising legacy IT systems
  • Improved customer experience


At MakeSense, we can connect your business systems and bring significant benefits to your internal team and your customers. 

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