What to know when designing your API strategy and architecture

API strategy and architecture

As digital transformation becomes imperative for businesses everywhere, so does the need for a robust API strategy and architecture. APIs allow you to securely share data and functionality with internal and third-party applications to create a seamless experience for your customers across each platform leveraged by your business. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it […]

UAPIM and what it means for your business

UAPIM and what it means for your business

How can UAPIM benefit CIOs? UAPIM or Universal API Management allows organisations to choose and integrate best of breed solutions and compose new services using any API. CIOs cannot merely discard their existing infrastructure to achieve the demands of a composable enterprise. UAPIM serves to assist CIOs in achieving the following priorities: Enabling a digital […]

7 ways API-led connectivity supports your business

API led connectivity for businesses

Businesses today operate in a primarily digital landscape. Customers increasingly interact with brands digitally, and companies use digital platforms and processes. IT experts are in high demand, but in low supply, as the number of applications leveraged by businesses and consumers increases. With so much occurring digitally, the need for connected business systems is imperative. […]

10 ways API management improves product development

To get solutions to market more quickly, many product executives build their own stack and seek their own tools and processes to help their teams innovate and collaborate.

7 habits of effective API and service management

This brief API management best practices eBook will give API strategists, architects and developers a roadmap for creating practical APIs by leveraging existing services. By following the 7 best practices outlined in this eBook, developing successful APIs is easier than you think.

Managing the full API lifecycle

Full API lifecycle management is a key driver of business and technology performance. Are you setting your developers up for success from API design through deprecation?

7 ways APIs, microservices, and DevOps can transform your business

Customer behaviors are rapidly changing, and organizations need to be agile to adapt to shifting business needs. Agility won’t come from simply implementing new technologies. Instead, organizations must focus on ways to increase their capacity for change.

7 steps to building your API Blueprint

APIs are the key to creating new digital channels. They facilitate internal and external data sharing, enable mobile applications and create new monetization opportunities. Many enterprises recognize the opportunities of APIs, determine that they need one, then work to quickly deliver one to market.

5 Ways AI, IoT, and security are shaping the API economy

Artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and security technologies are set to disrupt every industry in the next decade. To get there, leading organizations like McDonald’s and Uber Eats have built adaptable digital platforms via APIs. In the ebook, MuleSoft founder Ross Mason shares his point of view on how to build a thoughtful API strategy that will help your organization take full advantage of emerging technologies like AI, chatbots, and IoT without compromising on security.

API’s and what they can deliver to your organisation

APIs and what they can deliver to your organisation

Are you across the benefits APIs can bring to your business? Essentially, APIs are intermediary software that creates an information bridge between systems and functions working in silos, enabling them to access data and processes, communicate and extrapolate information. The beauty of APIs is the cross-referencing of information that they enable, creating new products and […]