Our Integration and Automation Services for Retail

Our Integration and Automation Services for Retail Learn more → Empowering the Retail sector through integration solutions that unlock insights, opportunities and growth Market conditions are changing fast. Retail has evolved more in the last ten years than it had in the previous 40 years, with no signs of slowing down. Consumers now expect to […]

T2 transforms business operations and improves CX and Sales with a MuleSoft integration

Home Case Studies     Customer Introduction T2 revolves around their love for reimagining and reinventing the humble tea leaf. They are an Australian home bred brand that started in 1996 and has grown from strength to strength, diversifying and expanding across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA. They have been part […]

About Us

MakeSense was founded as a boutique organization to help our customers overcome their complex API and hybrid integration challenges.

Talent Augmentation

Talent Augmentation Getting the right talent at the right times Talent Sourcing + Evaluation + Onboarding = A BIG Recruitment and Staffing Challenge Sourcing the right talent has never been more complicated and arduous, especially in the world of tech. It seems almost every organisation is missing a few pieces of their puzzle when it […]


Our Services Managed Services Advisory & Consulting Integration Services Data & Development Services Talent Augmentation MakeSense was created with one overarching purpose – to make technology simple. We achieve this purpose through our diverse range of services that deliver their own unique value propositions and benefits, but this purpose sits at the core of every […]

What is MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform?

  MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is a comprehensive solution for integrating applications, data and APIs. With it, you can connect on-premise or cloud systems and applications. Anypoint Platform enables you to unlock data from legacy systems, connect applications, and orchestrate business processes with API-led connectivity. It also offers extensive capabilities for API management, from design and […]

The Solution For Data Management Concerns

The Solution For Data Management Concerns

Is data management a cause for concern in your business? If the data in your business is scattered across various applications, platforms and/or departments, or is difficult to access when you need it, then you are likely dealing with data silos. The good news? APIs can effectively connect your data and applications, driving your digital […]

The Benefits of adopting a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)

The Benefits of adopting a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)

What is SOA? And why should you care?  Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a powerful approach to software design that drives agility, flexibility and growth. SOA is essentially an approach to internal application development that promotes creating components called services (discrete or small units of software) for a specific function and can be reused in any […]


Your pure-play One-Stop-Shop for all things MuleSoftFrom consulting, to strategy, to development to deployment.Learn more →Delivering true value through our technology expertiseMaking technology answer your business challengesLearn more →Building the connected retail experienceLeveraging smart retail to create an integrated value chainDownload →One-Stop integration shopHarnessing the power of Anypoint Platform for API led connectivity Learn More […]

MakeSense streamlines a major electrical provider’s complex systems and processes

As part of the digital transformation initiatives EE has built strategic capabilities by adopting API and Integration technologies to leverage existing infrastructure capitalizing on the past technology investments while modernizing and preparing the applications and platforms to enable digital connectivity and collaboration.