Digital transformation, the pathway to success.

Digital transformation

Businesses today understand the pressing need to transform their digital initiatives to stay ahead of the curve and their competitors. MakeSense helps our customers stay on top of this rapidly changing business ecosystem through our digital services ranging from business processes, architecture, and API and integration strategy through data driven insights. Some of our offerings are as follows.


With constantly evolving business needs, the “how to?” protect investments in an API led strategy, is increasingly becoming the number one question. MakeSense helps you deliver significant business impact in your digital business innovation and investments. Our offerings around API led solutions and connectivity, modernisation of legacy systems and microservices based architecture, API practices and governance, self-service capabilities, customisation and rapid deployments through DevOps tooling and automation help you realise the answer to, “how to protect investments?”

API Economy

There are unlimited possibilities when enterprises look at APIs to generate new opportunities for revenue thereby unleashing the power of your API economy. We work with you to achieve a more profitable relationship with your customers, partners, agents, or vendors by creating opportunities around multichannel touchpoints, self-services, business enablement, collaboration with the developer community, or API portals for exchange.

SOA and Hybrid Integration

Organisations invest in new business capabilities everyday in a bid to keep up with the everchanging consumer dynamic. This often results in high performing business silos that are disjointed from the business landscape. We know that the modernisation exercise, proves to be an integration and connectivity challenge, when some applications are moved to the cloud or a SaaS solution is adopted. MakeSense helps you adopt an “integration design first,” thinking approach, breaking down applications into foundational building blocks, and designing solutions using a hybrid combination of SOA principles, microservices and integration technologies.

Digital Process Automation

Digital process automation has presented as the next phase of business evolution after the success of business process management. We work with you to embrace DPA technologies and take your business process automation to the next level enhancing responsiveness to consumer demands, integrating real-time insights, digital acceleration technologies like IoT and AI, across processes from front to the back office. MakeSense helps through all the touchpoints of your digital process journey from assessment, strategy, and evaluation, to implementation, maintenance, and support.

Data Warehousing & Analytics

Since the dawn of the digital era, organisations have been dealing with copious amounts of structured and unstructured data. Over the years, we have had an increasing spike in demand for technology-driven processes to analyse data and present actionable information to help users make informed business decisions. Being tool agnostic, MakeSense helps you make sense of it all through our offerings in BI consulting and implementation, data warehousing, visualisation, analytics and reporting, data mining and predictive reporting services.

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