International non-profit gains world-class process transformation with MakeSense and Salesforce

Customer Introduction

Our customer is one of the world’s largest humanitarian organisations. They deliver crucial and timely assistance during crises across the globe, including disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

They deliver assistance through a complex network of smaller groups comprising one giant worldwide non-profit organisation.

The Situation

The non-profit delivers aid based on the requests and appeals on its systems. They have a rigorous approval approvals process that needs immediate attention for their network to assist people as quickly as possible.

Their process includes:


Tracking and analysing indicators to evaluate aid projects currently on hand.


Individual groups within the organisation track and respond to appeals delegated to them from the international head body.


Managing the flow of appeals and requests throughout the approval process and allocating tasks to the right people to complete each step quickly.


Consistent communication with the people responsible for taking action and using Gantt Charts to map each step of the process.


Consistent project monitoring to allocate the necessary support and tools to each person throughout the process, regardless of their location.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of their essential work, these processes were too time-consuming, incorporating several manual activities for monitoring and managing each step. The organisation wanted to overhaul its systems and processes, empower its team, and accelerate the process.

Enter MakeSense

As per the client’s requirements, we developed a customised solution based on®, which provides easy scalability. This enabled our team to deliver the first release of the solution within a timeframe of five months. 

The solution provided automation throughout the approvals process, with easy-to-use reporting so the management team could quickly communicate, support or assess appeals and projects and their current status anytime, anywhere they needed.

With Salesforce’s powerful reporting functionality, we created a single-pane dashboard with project information, including interactive Gantt Charts that did not require staff to install additional software or tools.

To streamline the organisation’s processes and reduce costs, we also deployed integrations with additional third-party tools to make their goals a reality. This included the interactive Gantt Chart via Bryntum, Geographic Information Systems (GIS API) and Sencha.

The Outcomes

Through this Salesforce-driven project, we quickly met the non-profit’s expectations and goals, ensuring their staff could harness the project’s benefits as soon as possible. This was a groundbreaking solution in the non-profit management space as it accelerated mission-critical and long-term project management activities tenfold. 

The transparent and speedy project approval process provides high visibility of hundreds of projects all over the globe in terms of progress, resources, funds and more. The state-of-the-art dashboards present a complete picture for management of the overall project status in one easy-to-understand display.

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