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Market conditions are changing fast. Retail has evolved more in the last ten years than it had in the previous 40 years, with no signs of slowing down. Consumers now expect to have the same experience whether conducting their business in-store, online or in an app, including those operated by partners.


The retail market is competitive, and the pressure to differentiate is stronger than ever. A new breed of Digitally Native and Direct-to-Consumer initiatives continues to threaten the market share of more established brands and can outpace many incumbents through digital innovation. This is particularly painful when shopper acquisition costs continue to rise, and the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has only compounded the disruption.

This has all led to the shuttering of many traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Those that remain open face growing challenges, keeping their shelves stocked in the face of global supply chain disruptions and unpredictable demand. These changes have amplified the difficulty of meeting customer expectations, which has increased the importance of business model agility to respond to the shifting market. 

For retailers to thrive in today’s significantly shifting industry landscape, business operations and systems must be integrated and transformed to meet the modern consumer’s demands. MakeSense has accumulated vast expertise and experience in retail by delivering transformative solutions for both large and small retailers, successfully propelling them on their evolutionary journey and enabling growth in this highly competitive industry.

The Top 3 Retail Industry Challenges

Market Conditions Are Changing Fast

Most retailers now use over 100 different systems and apps with a single transaction using 39 systems on average.

Consumer Expectations Are Evolving

55% of shoppers say retail experiences are disconnected and expect to have the same experience, regardless of the channel or platform.

Market Competition Is Rising

64% of shoppers feel that retailers don't know them and the new wave of digital-native retailers are evolving expectations through CX personalisation and DTC.

Our Services Built For Retail

API Advisory
& Consulting

Our API advisory and consulting services assess your current API maturity and build a structured and scalable roadmap to reach your organisational goals. Our expertise in all things API will ensure you have the blueprint for future profitability, efficiency, and overall success.

Stores To Mini-Warehouse Transformations

Foot traffic in retail stores can no longer be relied on. Shoppers now leverage digital and physical options before making a purchase decision. Converting your stores into mini-warehouses can utilise your physical space for digital shoppers and enable a hybrid retail experience. 

Ship from Store

The blurring of the lines between traditional stores and DTC shopping continues, and click-n-collect is now the norm. Enable the best of both worlds by integrating and optimising your processes for Ship-to-store, eCommerce channels and physical stores.

Personalised, Omnichannel
CX Delivery

Customer expectations have shifted, and the need to deliver personalised functional shopping experiences through their chosen channel is crucial. Create an omnichannel hybrid retail experience through unifying eCommerce and Physical stores.

Unifying Systems for
Customer Retention

With so many systems and apps needed in today’s retail processes, poor integration is simply a bottleneck you can not afford. Unify your data, systems and inventory data and deliver a fast and flexible modern customer experience with our integrations expertise.


In the era of multi-channel servicing of customers and an ever-broadening range of products and providers to manage, incorporating the power of an API-fuelled logistics system just makes sense. API-driven logistics provides a fast, re-usable, connected solution for end-to-end logistics management.

Customer Success Story
T2 revolves around their love for reimagining and reinventing the humble tea leaf and has built an internationally recognised retail brand off the back of this passion. T2 had the vision to transform its physical stores into assets rather than have them as liabilities in the wake of the COVID pandemic and associated lockdowns.
Explore how MakeSense delivered a new approach to unify the fulfilment, distribution system and inventory management and enable an omnichannel customer experience across eCommerce and physical stores.

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With today’s pace of change and the increasing competitiveness of the retail industry, the road to delivering the modern consumer a personalised omnichannel hybrid retail experience can be complicated. 
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