Salesforce CPQ

Your secret weapon for sales enablement

Maximise sales success

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is the perfect solution for sales teams looking to supercharge their quoting process. With its powerful automation capabilities, this tool can help you generate accurate quotes in record time, ensuring you never miss out on a sale due to slow or inconsistent processes. Say goodbye to manual data entry and give your team more time and resources to focus on what they do best – selling! Our experts offer customised solutions and a client-centric approach that ensures success when deploying Salesforce CPQ. Whether you're a small business or an enterprise-level organisation, MakeSense and Salesforce CPQ is the perfect combination to help you take sales to the next level.

Unlock the benefits of Salesforce CPQ with MakeSense

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of your sales team? We offer tailored Salesforce CPQ solutions to help businesses streamline their sales process, improve accuracy, and enhance efficiency. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing customised solutions to maximise your investment and deliver the following benefits:

Streamline your quoting process

CPQ automates the product configuration, pricing, and quoting process, saving time and reducing errors.

Accelerate sales cycles

With accurate and timely quotes, CPQ speeds up the sales cycle so you can close deals faster.

Increase revenue

Identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities with CPQ for increased revenue and profitability.

Enhance sales accuracy

Leverage CPQ to provide accurate quotes, pricing and discounts to improve customer satisfaction.

Improve sales efficiency

CPQ eliminates manual processes so sales reps can focus on selling, improving sales efficiency and boosting productivity.

Provide real-time analytics

CPQ provides real-time analytics, enabling sales teams to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Maximised mobility

Sales reps can access CPQ on mobile devices to generate quotes on the go, providing flexibility and convenience.

Tailor to your specific needs

CPQ is highly customisable to your business needs, making it a versatile solution for companies of any size.

Sales services that just make sense

Our experts have a deep understanding of Salesforce CPQ and know how to unlock its full potential to drive sales success. We take a comprehensive approach to understanding your business and tailoring our solutions to meet your specific needs. Trust us to help you sharpen your competitive edge and succeed in the highly competitive world of sales. Our CPQ Services include:

CPQ advisory

We deliver expert guidance to optimise Salesforce CPQ for improved sales performance, efficiency and success.

CPQ implementation

Our team deploys a personalised version of Salesforce CPQ to meet your business' specific needs.

CPQ process optimisation

We optimise sales processes with Salesforce CPQ by automating tasks, workflows, and approvals.

Data migration

Our team migrates data from existing systems and ensures that data is properly stored and available to your team.

CPQ training

We deliver training for sales teams and admins to ensure they can use Salesforce CPQ to its full potential.

CPQ integration

We integrate Salesforce CPQ with other systems, such as marketing, customer service, and finance.

CPQ Features

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