Our Integration and Automation Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Eliminate production bottlenecks and optimise production flow with our integration solutions for the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing sector offers a fast-paced environment, with equipment in motion and workers performing various tasks. To stay competitive, organisations in this sector need solutions that streamline operations across production, logistics and customer service. Integration solutions improve performance in these areas and empower leaders with the real-time data and actionable insights needed for decision-making.


The manufacturing industry is evolving due to significant development in various technology, including robotics and automation, which are now commonplace in many warehouses. Leadership teams can now leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify patterns and trends in their data that illuminate problems and opportunities. The industrial-driven Internet of Things can monitor and control devices to improve performance and safety.

Driven by the pandemic-fuelled need to ‘do more with less’, adopting new technology has increased the complexity of operations. As a result, delivering streamlined operations and efficient processes has become increasingly challenging.

For manufacturers to adapt and thrive in today’s shifting industry landscape, they must integrate and transform to meet the modern consumer’s demands. We have accumulated vast experience in the manufacturing industry by delivering transformative solutions for manufacturers of all shapes and sizes.

The top 3 manufacturing industry challenges

Uncertain supply chains

The pandemic caused uncertainty in supply chains as restrictions slowed production and demand fluctuated. Meanwhile, economic uncertainty continues to impact supply chains, making it difficult to predict products manufactured and delivered.

Labour shortages

The manufacturing industry faces a labour shortage due to an ageing workforce and lack of interest in manufacturing careers among young people, leading to increased competition for workers, higher wages and pressure on manufacturers to automate operations.


The manufacturing industry has become increasingly globalised in recent years, which means companies now compete on a global scale. This has led to increased pressure on manufacturers to innovate, improve efficiency, and reduce costs to remain competitive.

Our services, built for the manufacturing industry

API Advisory
& Consulting

Our API advisory and consulting services assess your current API maturity and build a structured and scalable roadmap to reach your organisational goals. Our expertise in APIs will ensure you have the blueprint for profitability and efficiency.

Digital integration and intelligent process automation

We connect data scattered across your organisation while maintaining compliance with Australian regulations. We provide the expertise to deliver streamlined solutions custom-built for the requirements of manufacturing.

360-degree organisational visibility and management

We ensure your organisation has visibility across facilities, functions, staff and infrastructure so management can leverage real-time data to make the right decisions at the right time and guide the organisation into the future.

Workforce management optimisation

Manufacturing leaders must harness the power of technology to optimise how they manage distributed teams and ensure they deliver their best from anywhere at any time.


Break through information silos and avoid under-utilising and over-spending across your entire operation with effective asset management solutions delivered by the experts at MakeSense.

Digital solutions
and applications

Move away from frustrating, manual tasks, poor reporting processes and slow customer service with digital solutions and applications custom-built for manufacturing.

With technology continuing to revolutionise the manufacturing industry, you must stay on top of the trends and innovations to maintain cutting-edge operations.
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