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In order to meet rising customer expectations and the adoption of new technologies, leading retailers must embrace an integration
The world of retail is changing dramatically. Retailers used to have anonymous, transactional relationships with their customers; but now
The retail industry is challenged by an extraordinary amount of change and the survival of retail businesses depends on
The pace of change is accelerating across every industry. In a world where digital is imperative, companies must ground
Artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and security technologies are set to disrupt every industry in the
The nature of business has completely changed. The always-on, always-connected digital consumer has fractured traditional business models. Company leadership
APIs are the key to creating new digital channels. They facilitate internal and external data sharing, enable mobile applications
Customer behaviors are rapidly changing, and organizations need to be agile to adapt to shifting business needs. Agility won’t
Interested in becoming a customer company? Download our “Blueprint to becoming a customer company” eBook to learn how to
Healthcare organizations across the care continuum — from hospitals and health systems to health insurers and life sciences companies
Full API lifecycle management is a key driver of business and technology performance. Are you setting your developers up
This brief API management best practices eBook will give API strategists, architects and developers a roadmap for creating practical
To get solutions to market more quickly, many product executives build their own stack and seek their own tools

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