Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful platform that delivers a comprehensive list of tools and functions to drive sales success. It empowers your organisation to streamline processes, increase productivity, and close deals faster. We offer industry-leading Sales Cloud solutions that help your teams supercharge their sales game. Our customised solutions enable your business to connect with customers like never before, using advanced analytics to provide insights that boost sales performance.

Close more deals, faster: Discover the top benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet your unique needs, no matter the size of your business. With our expert guidance and support, your business can transform its sales strategy, drive revenue growth, and achieve sales success like never before. We are experts in Salesforce deployments and will ensure your team gets the most out of Sales Cloud to reap the benefits, including:

Sales Process Automation

Sales Cloud can help your business automate and standardise sales processes, reducing manual work and improving efficiency.

Improved lead management

Track and manage leads effectively, provide greater visibility into the sales pipeline and help sales teams prioritise their efforts. Avoid duplicates, and efficiently reach out to your customers.

Enhanced collaboration

Improve collaboration between sales teams, enabling them to share information and work together more effectively.

Improved customer service

Deliver better customer service by giving sales reps access to customer information and interactions across multiple channels. Single solution with Service & Sales cloud can give your sales and support staff 360 view of their customers.

Fast, Accurate Forecasting

Forecast sales more accurately to make informed decisions about resource allocation and investments.

Unlock Analytical Insights

Gain deeper insights into sales performance to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

Measure Sales Success with Ease

Measure and track the performance of your sales teams. Identify top performers and areas for improvement.

Master Multi-Region Management

Manage sales territories more effectively to allocate resources and assign leads more efficiently.

MakeSense: Your go-to partner for Sales Cloud success

Our Salesforce experts deliver custom Sales Cloud solutions that streamline sales, boost productivity, and drive growth. We analyse current strategies to recommend tailored improvements, leveraging up-to-date knowledge for a competitive edge. Our Sales Cloud Services include:

Sales Cloud advisory

We deliver expert guidance to optimise Sales Cloud for improved sales performance and efficiency.

Sales Cloud implementation

Our team deploys a personalised version of Sales Cloud to meet your business' specific needs and goals.

Sales process optimisation

We guide you on optimising sales processes with Sales Cloud by automating tasks, workflows, and approvals.

Data migration

Our team migrates data from existing systems and ensures that data is properly transferred and available.

Sales Cloud training

We deliver training for sales teams and admins to ensure they can use Sales Cloud to its full potential.

Sales Cloud integration

Our experts integrate Sales Cloud with other systems, such as marketing, customer service, contract management, billing and finance.

Sales Cloud Features

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