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Making Sense of Mule 4: Your roadmap for successfully upgrading Mule 3.x

The end of support for Mule 3.x is just around the corner, and you need to be prepared. Ensuring your tech is up-to-date and optimised can be a challenge for any business in today’s ever-evolving landscape of complex tech infrastructure. A pressing concern for many of us is the upcoming end of support for Mule 3.x in March 2024. This imminent transition opens a window of opportunity for you to steer your organisation towards the enhanced capabilities of Mule 4. 

MakeSense, with its proven expertise and commitment to customer success, is the ideal partner to assist you during this crucial transition. Our migration services are meticulously designed to not only facilitate a seamless upgrade to Mule 4 but also to maximise the value of your current investments.

The MakeSense Approach

Navigating From Mule 3.x to Mule 4

At MakeSense, we understand the intricacies of transitioning from Mule 3.x to Mule 4. With our deep technical knowledge in both Mule 3 and 4 and broad industry experience, we are perfectly equipped to simplify the migration process, optimise existing integrations, and significantly improve efficiency. 

We go beyond the traditional role of ensuring a successful transition. Our approach employs industry best practices and innovative techniques that can maximise your VCores, reduce your operational costs and help deliver tangible business results.

The Power of Partnership

Collaborating with MakeSense

Choosing MakeSense as your partner will result in a comprehensive migration solution that combines strategic consulting with a robust technology implementation. This value added service is crafted to prepare your business for the digital future and unlock the full potential of your investments. 

Partnering with us ensures a successful migration, laying a strong foundation for your digital journey ahead.  Our team will turn a necessary upgrade into a strategic integration enhancement.

Download our Comprehensive Migration Guide for Mule 3.x to 4:

We believe that every upgrade is a unique opportunity to reimagine business potential, and we are committed to making this a reality for your business.

Organisations who have trusted MakeSense for their MuleSoft 3 to 4 migrations include

Complimentary Mule Optimisation Assessment

If you are still on Mule 3.x time is running out to make the shift to Mule 4. With this in mind, MakeSense is offering a complimentary optimisation assessment to evaluate your current Mule environment with the objective to find where improvements could be made. These findings could be implemented during your transition to Mule 4 to maximise all its powerful features.

Let us transform this necessary migration into a strategic opportunity for growth and innovation.

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