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Your #1 MuleSoft API and RPA Partner

MuleSoft, with its industry-leading API and RPA technologies coupled with MakeSense MuleSoft expertise we help customers deliver significant impact to their digital business innovations and investments. Our tailored MuleSoft API and RPA services address specific digital connectivity and automation challenges to accelerate their pace of business transformation while at the same time helping the customer realise their long-term digital goals through an established future-proof API-led architecture and RPA foundation.

Architecture & MuleSoft Platform Design Services

MakeSense understands that every customer has a different challenge and business needs and adopts different architecture styles with varying maturity levels. We are experts at taking on business challenges, including modernising/reusing customer legacy assets, unlocking enterprise data for digital consumption, optimising existing point-to-point integration solutions and defining future-proof API-led designs and architectures.

Our architecture team guides customers in their API adoption journey by helping them choose and establish the right architecture strategy between Cloudhub, On-premise and Runtime fabric. Our experts also help in MuleSoft platform setup, considering high availability, redundancy, security and other non-functional requirements per their enterprise IT strategy.

Our prescriptive architecture approach evaluates the impact of evolving IT adoption models (On-prem, Hybrid and Cloud). It aligns initiatives with customer business objectives to deliver desired business outcomes while defining a flexible digital architecture to absorb new capabilities that define the future state.

Our Platform design services include the following:

Advisory & Consulting

Recommend optimal MuleSoft deployment options (On-prem, iPaaS, Federated, Private Cloud).

API-led Integration Solutions

Design and blueprint digital integration using MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and tooling.


Establish API governance, practices, and self-service through API Exchange and customisations.

Architecture & Dev-Ops Automations

Deliver proof of architectures by building the pilot and delivering ‘First success’ through end-to-end DevOps tooling and pipelines automating the entire API life cycle.

API Consulting & Advisory Services

Successfully executing a digital strategy requires the right API architecture strategy to enable the launching of new apps and coordinating your digital presence with application teams, consumer channels and partners. APIs architecture creates the necessary foundation of digital strategy required to share enterprise data and digital content with those apps and partners over the Internet. Our experts engage with customer business and IT teams to bring in the strategic alignment with enterprise business strategy, thus helping derive maximum ROI from their API platform investments by engaging in the following areas:

API Roadmap & Project Reference

Crafting a tailored success path for each API project initiated by customers, ensuring alignment with business goals.

Identifying Business Opportunities

Discovery and API blueprinting of new business initiatives to develop new products, services, or business models that create value and generate revenue.

Defining the Organisational Model

Establishing a target operating model, incorporating key stakeholders and their roles, to effectively build and rollout API initiatives across the organisation.

API Business Models & Business Cases

Decide what the success of your API program should look like with defined goals and profitability analysis.

API Strategy

Offering experienced external insights to evaluate and enhance your API strategy, ultimately improving overall performance.

& Optimise

Evaluate existing API deployments and recommend improvements in design and implementation for higher availability, redundancy, and performance enhancements.

API-Led Design & Development

Industry-leading MuleSoft’s API tooling provided by the Anypoint platform, when coupled with MakeSense deep API technical and delivery capabilities, customers can experience certainty in the speed of delivery and achieve cost-effective digital integration solutions with first-time-right implementations. Our MuleSoft Anypoint API-led implementations services include:

MuleSoft API Mastery

Discover, build, and deploy API and integration services utilising MuleSoft Anypoint platform across CloudHub, On-prem, and Hybrid environments.

API Optimisation & Refinement

Assess existing MuleSoft implementations, refine API designs, and optimise performance for improved cost of ownership in API solutions.

Robust API Security

Deliver cutting-edge security design and implementation with Basic/ClientID, OAuth, OpenID, Okta tokens, encryption, and multi-factor authentication mechanisms.

Event-Driven Expertise

Develop powerful event-driven solutions using Active MQ and Kafka, enabling efficient and responsive systems.

Agile API Project Delivery

Manage end-to-end API life cycle projects with agile practices, ensuring streamlined development and timely delivery.

Custom API Development

Build tailored APIs to suit your specific business requirements, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with the MuleSoft Anypoint platform.

MuleSoft RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Services

Innovative enterprises scaling beyond tactical automation can leverage hyper-automation for greater efficiency and efficacy. RPA, with AI-driven capabilities, automates manual tasks in business processes. However, challenges arise from scattered information across various sources, hindering integration and automation. 

MuleSoft RPA offers connective automation, unifying its API platform with powerful automation for streamlined workflows. MakeSense, with its API-driven strengths, helps customers adopt MuleSoft RPA for enterprise-scale automation success, focusing on a holistic approach to automation adoption and technology.

Our approach that gives our clients the best results to achieve their goals:

of enterprises


have realised that automation is a key essence to have accelerated digital transformation.

MakeSense’s MuleSoft RPA and Automation Services

We employ human-centric design techniques for a tailored discovery process, concentrating on selecting the ideal use cases and crafting a user experience that fulfills specified requirements. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique needs, ensuring seamless integration of automation solutions and delivering tangible results that drive business growth and efficiency.

RPA Needs Assessment

Discover, evaluate, and define immediate and future RPA requirements and drivers to strategically scale your plans.

RPA Setup

Align the MuleSoft RPA platform with your business goals for successful implementation.

AI-Powered Automation

Develop a library of reusable digital workers (Bots) using MuleSoft RPA Anypoint platform and Automation exchange.

Enterprise Automation Management

Efficiently manage, deploy, and optimise automation solutions at an enterprise scale for maximum impact.

Attention Mules 3x Users: ALL Mule 3x Support will end on March 2024. Click Here to learn about how MakeSense can provide your necessary upgrade.

MuleSoft Support, Migration and Upgrade Services

As a visionary, you’ve developed an API strategy and utilised multiple tools for your company. Now, you aim to consolidate onto the MuleSoft Anypoint platform or seek cost-efficient support for managing and maintaining critical API implementations and infrastructure 24/7 across various locations. Whether your MuleSoft version is reaching end of life, or you wish to upgrade to Mule 4x, MakeSense ensures a seamless transition. We provide comprehensive capabilities to address your support, migration, and upgrade needs, helping your business flourish with an API-led strategy.

MuleSoft Migration

Seamlessly transition from other API platforms to the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, enhancing integration capabilities.

Deployment Flexibility

Shift between MuleSoft CloudHub, On-prem, and Runtime Fabric deployments for optimal infrastructure utilisation.

Mule 4x Upgrade

Ensure access to the latest features and enhancements by upgrading to Mule 4x for improved performance.

24/7 MuleSoft Support

Provide round-the-clock, critical sustenance and shared services support for MuleSoft API implementations.

Tailored Support for SMEs

Deliver flexible support hours to cater to the unique requirements of small and medium-sized customers.

Dedicated Support for Enterprises

Offer managed and dedicated support services to accommodate the needs of large-scale customers.


Ensure optimal performance and stability through regular platform support and maintenance services.

DevOps Automation

Streamline API-life cycle development with setup and support for DevOps automation, driving efficiency and productivity.

Connector Development Services

Businesses across Australia are continually seeking innovative ways to unlock new revenue streams through the API economy. Developing connectors that seamlessly bridge the gap between an organisation’s internal and external applications is crucial in this process, as it enables businesses to streamline their workflows, improve collaboration, and reduce operational costs. By facilitating efficient communication between various applications and data sources, connectors empower businesses to harness the power of their data and unlock valuable insights that drive informed decision-making.

As a a leading Mulesoft integration services provider, MakeSense understand the importance of expertly designing connectors that enable smooth API operations and efficient data exchange between Mulesoft and your applications. By leveraging the power of Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform, our experienced developers create tailored connectors that not only streamline communication between your applications but also bolster the overall efficiency and security of your data flow. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop connectors that cater specifically to the unique needs of each client, providing scalable and flexible solutions that grow alongside your business.

Our offerings around your connector lifecycle management include:

Custom Connector Development

Custom connector development for COTS systems without pre-built access points.

Attribute and Data Structure Design

Designing and defining attributes and data structures for building and deploying connectors.

GraphQL-based API Creation

Creation of GraphQL-based APIs to improve accessibility to existing infrastructure.

CoE, C4E & Governance

MakeSense understands your need to build a centralised knowledge and capability base, as the traditional Centre of Excellence (CoE), and also create a decentralised subset empowering smaller teams to leverage this CoE, disseminate knowledge and deliver excellence through this Centre for Enablement (C4E). We believe that IT, though an integral part of your digital transformation, should take on the role of an enabler, ensuring less dependency, providing unlimited access to digital assets and enabling business teams to deliver autonomously. MakeSense can help you build your CoE, C4E or governance methodologies through a fully managed service or as an advisory partner.

CoE/C4E Setup
& Strategy

Develop a centralised knowledge base and enable smaller teams with tailored CoE or C4E strategies.

Advisory Services

Benefit from expert guidance on establishing and optimising your CoE or C4E to drive digital transformation success.

Governance Methodology Design

Craft custom governance methodologies to ensure seamless management and oversight of your CoE or C4E initiatives.

Managed CoE/C4E Services

 Fully managed services to establish, maintain, and optimise your CoE or C4E.

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