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Our API and integration journey

MakeSense has been in the business of API and integration strategy for as long as we can remember. We started out as API developer’s eons ago and graduated into architecture, design and strategy over the years. We adopted MuleSoft as our platform of choice and never looked back. It was love at first integration!

Platform overview and Mule 4

MuleSoft is a one-stop-shop for APIs and integrations. With the release of Mule 4, organisations have the scaled ability to accelerate innovation in their digital transformation, build reusable API assets and unleash the power of their API economy faster than ever. MuleSoft is recognised as a leader in full lifecycle API management and enterprise integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) by Gartner.

Anypoint Platform™

With Anypoint Platform, teams launch applications 3x faster, increase productivity by 300%, and get a 445% ROI. Anypoint Platform is a powerful and unified platform for APIs and Integrations equipped with:

  • Anypoint Design Center to design and build APIs
  • Anypoint Exchange, to share APIs, templates, and assets
  • Anypoint Management Center, a centralized web interface to analyze, manage, and monitor APIs and integrations

API Advisory and Management Services

Every organisation is different and business needs change over time. You need a partner that understands this changing dynamic and supports you in your API maturity and transformation. MakeSense’s tailormade MuleSoft API advisory and management services are backed by an architecture that modernises legacy assets, unlocks enterprise data for digital consumption, optimises existing point-to-point integration solutions and defines an API led design and architecture for the future.

Migration & Upgrade

If you are reading this, you are a visionary and have developed an API strategy for your company. You’ve developed APIs using multiple tools and now need to unify your API platform and are looking to migrate and leverage the power of Mule 4.

Perhaps you have already taken the right step in investing in MuleSoft sometime ago. Your business is flourishing with an API led strategy. Now, your Mule version may be reaching its end of life or you’ve decided to upgrade your apps by taking advantage of the new Mule 4 capabilities.

Whatever your need, migration or upgrade, MakeSense helps you make that transition seamlessly and problem free.

Connector Development

All businesses are constantly looking to explore new avenues for revenue generation by unlocking their API economy. The key factor in bridging this gap is successfully developing connectors between your organisational applications and external applications. MakeSense appreciates how you call on your API within these developed connectors operations and how the connector passes data between those operations and Mule is key. Our offerings around your connector lifecycle management range from setting up, designing and defining attributes and data structures to building, testing, documenting, deploying and providing future support and enhancements.

Let’s connect and talk about your connectors.

CoE, C4E & Governance

MakeSense understands your need to build a centralised knowledge and capability base, as the traditional Centre of Excellence, and also create a decentralised subset empowering smaller teams to leverage this CoE, disseminate knowledge and deliver excellence through this Centre for Enablement.We believe that IT, though an integral part of your digital transformation, should take on the role of an enabler, ensuring less dependency, providing unlimited access to digital assets and enable business teams to deliver autonomously.

MakeSense can help you build your CoE, C4E or governance methodologies through a fully managed service or as an advisory partner.

Training and Certification

You need to know that the team working on your projects, however small, are qualified and have what it takes to get the job done right, the first time around. We at MakeSense pride ourselves in sporting only MuleSoft trained and certified consultants. Our CoE led training and certification approach broadly categorises our incoming and existing talent into the following areas.

  • Training and certification in the current version of MuleSoft
  • Upskilling and certification within MuleSoft with emphasis on the delta in versions
  • Cross-skilling from other API and integration platforms or tools

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