Our Integration and Automation Services for Utilities

We deliver technology that enables the utilities sector to provide essential services.

Providing essential services for our Aussie communities is a big task for our utilities sector. Managing vast quantities of complex infrastructure alongside the demands and needs of the communities they serve is critical. To deliver their best, they need to harness new technologies and innovate operations to ensure consistent service now and into the future.


Technology should be the backbone of modern utility operations, and understanding how to get the best from their tech in this complex sector is paramount.

MakeSense has a background in successfully delivering technology-based solutions to the utilities sector. We are in a unique position to guide these vital organisations into the future to serve their customers with efficiency and provide reliable, secure operations for their staff.  

Partnering with MakeSense ensures utilities workers can focus on providing their essential services and end the headaches and time lost to battling outdated or under-developed technology.

Our utilities focused services

Unified Customer

MakeSense, brings your customer data together so you can deliver accurate, personalised experiences for your customers.


Empower your customers to manage their accounts and concerns at their own pace, at their chosen time, by providing effective self-service platforms.

Workforce Management Optimisation

Utility companies must harness the power of technology to optimise how they manage distributed teams and ensure they deliver their best from anywhere at any time.

Customised Reporting for Live Insights

Eliminate data silos and empower decision-making across your organisation with customised, accurate reporting. Enable live reporting to drive management decisions across your business for when they cannot wait.

360-Degree Organisational Visibility & Management

Ensure your organisation has complete visibility across facilities, functions, staff and infrastructure so management can guide your organisation and its customers into the future.

Effective Asset

Break through information silos and avoid under-utilising and over-spending with effective asset management solutions delivered by the experts at MakeSense.

Our utilities success stories

We understand the needs of the complex utilities sector because we have successfully delivered various projects catering to the needs of their staff, infrastructure and customers. Discover how MakeSense delivers solutions to the utilities sector in our customer success stories below:

With today's pace of change and the increasing demand from our utilities sector, the road to delivering efficient and reliable customer service becomes more complicated. It demands technology-fuelled support provided by experts to stay on track.

Get in touch to discover how MakeSense, the Australian expert in transformations for the utilities sector, can help you meet modern consumer demands and expectations.

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