Customer Success Story

MakeSense streamlines a major electrical provider’s complex systems and processes

Customer Introduction

Our customer is a major Australian electrical utility that operates and maintains the electricity network for NSW and Queensland. They empower over 800,00 Australians in their homes and places of business in their day-to-day and provide 24×7 support for any outages or problems experienced across the grid.

Providing such an essential service necessitates efficient and innovative operations from a large team that is supported by substantial technology-reliant infrastructure to fuel their collaboration and delivery of services.

The Situation

Being such a large organisation and delivering a wide variety of essential services across a significant region and population requires a diverse range of internal teams and business units. Managing and collaborating across all these components is a complex challenge that requires powerful technology integrated across the entire organisation. 

The electrical utility knew their previous technology investments and resulting digital infrastructure could no longer deliver the cohesive connectivity that their services and community needed. Their IT team struggled to provide consistent support and share their experience across the organisation. In addition, undefined processes and a lack of integration across the organisation made cross-team collaboration a significant challenge.

Enter MakeSense

MakeSense, an Australian-based specialist in world-class integrated solutions, was tasked with modernising the utilities infrastructure and providing simplified solutions to their complex situation. Utilising their partnership with global integrations and API powerhouse Mulesoft, the MakeSense team quickly got to work to deliver enhanced capabilities to improve mission-critical productivity, optimise costs and enable scale of services by empowering the utility as a digitally connected enterprise.

MakeSense delivered:

  • Integrated managed service to support all API/Integrations, including Break Fix/Problem resolution, Incident Management, Change Management and Preventive Maintenance.
  • Implemented a 24/7 support model with on-call support for Priority-1 issues
  • SLA-driven support processes to handle L2 and L3 issues
  • The development of hybrid teams to provide overall management of tickets and incidents
  • Training to manage both Mule and Talend integrations
  • Provided expert support to optimise their existing Muelsoft implementations

The Outcomes

The MakeSense team met 100% of their SLA and enabled 100% quality consumer reports once completed, which impressed the customer leadership team. The organisation could now deliver predictable business operations with the connectivity enhancements needed to manage all aspects of operations. 

The resulting integration solutions also reduced manual work in their customer support by 10-15% through value-added services, including automated job scheduling.

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