Making Sense of Mule 4:
Your roadmap for successfully upgrading Mule 3.x


As the end of support for Mule 3.x on March 20, 2024, approaches, it’s critical for tech professionals and business leaders to fully grasp the implications of this change, the potential challenges, and the new opportunities. This transition is more than just an upgrade—it’s an avenue for innovation.

Ensure you’re prepared for this transition by watching our recent webinar, “Making Sense of Mule 4: Your roadmap for successfully upgrading Mule 3.x”. This 45 minute session is designed to equip businesses with the knowledge needed to conduct a smooth migration to Mule 4 and take full advantage of its powerful new features.

MakeSense’s CEO Basil Penkar and Head of Sales, Carlos Langle, host this comprehensive discussion on the crucial elements of this upgrade. Leave with actionable insights to propel your success, including:

With MakeSense, this necessary upgrade can become a powerful transformative leap into the future for your business. 

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Basil Penkar

CEO and Managing Director

A dynamic leader and the CEO and Managing Director of MakeSense. With a career spanning over two decades, Basil has a wealth of experience in propelling business expansion and fostering innovation. He has been at the helm of MakeSense since 2019, leading the company’s operations globally.

Under his leadership, MakeSense has become a leading MuleSoft partner, delivering top-tier consulting, strategy, and implementation services to clients worldwide.

Basil’s diverse experience also includes significant roles at Tikki Global, Adaps, B2G Consulting, Saama, and Verinon.

Carlos Langle

Head of Sales at MakeSense

A seasoned sales and strategic management expert with over 15 years of experience. At MakeSense, Carlos has a proven track record in driving revenue growth and building key client relationships.

Carlos’ expertise extends to his significant tenure at Salesforce, where he held key roles in MuleSoft sales and account development. He is known for his strategic thinking, business acumen, and technical knowledge.

Carlos boasts a rich and varied professional background, having held significant roles at industry-leading corporations such as General Electric, Eli Lilly & Co, and Groupon.