First, break IT

Integration is often seen as a necessary headache. But by using APIs to drive innovation from the inside out, CIOs are turning integration into a competitive advantage. It all comes down to leverage: taking the things you already do well and bringing them to the broadest possible audience. 

Establishing API ownership upfront is critical for the long-term success of APIs. Without assigned ownership, quality and consumption of an API will suffer. But, assigning API ownership isn’t easy. It can be contentious given complexities regarding business context, accountability, shared systems, dependencies, and more. 

An API-led connectivity approach to delivering IT projects ensures you are not only on time and budget with your first projects, but you have built the reusable assets that will save your company time and money, created an infrastructure which is designed for change, built-in visibility, compliance and governance and, most importantly, met the needs of the business, which is long- term sustained agility.

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