Customer Success Story

MakeSense commutes Government Transport Agencies services towards the digital era with integration transformation

Customer Introduction

Our client is a government agency that manages an Australian capital city’s essential public transportation services. Ensuring services run on time and integrate with each other to connect the different modes of transport citizens utilise in their journeys is crucial for the agency to deliver effectively 24/7/365. In addition, this needs to be provided while simultaneously managing maintenance and upgrades. It is a challenging proposition. Being such a heavily community-facing service, the impacts of their work can be far-reaching. One missed repair or overdue scheduled stop can cause ripple effects across the entire network, causing problems for thousands of commuters across the city.

The Situation

Our government client was stuck with traditional methods of citizen support for its transportation services, relying on people needing to physically visit the community offices and submit manually produced forms regarding feedback around issues like street-related repairs. 

This system was not only time-consuming and cumbersome but led to a high volume of errors and lacked any process of identifying the status of issues raised, and ultimately led to limited community involvement when it came to managing these transport services.

To add to this undesirable situation, they suffered from a lack of connectivity between their different systems, which was handicapping their ability to provide the community with digital services. 

Enter MakeSense

MakeSense was brought on board for its integration expertise to rectify the situation and bring the agencies community services into the digital era. The team got to work designing and developing an integration solution that would effectively connect various government systems while remaining compliant with the Australian Data and Digital Council. 

MakeSense delivered a reusable API-driven solution that empowered the government agency to share data across different applications, data and services and ultimately improve the experience for the community they serve through enhanced digital services.

The Outcomes

The project was successfully delivered on time and on budget and paid dividends regarding the community experience from the new digital services provided.

Citizens could now skip the line as the office and the tedious manual processes, provide feedback online and provide better data like geo-coding locations to pinpoint locations of concern.

The enriched digital experience enabled cross-system collaboration for the government team to share this data and provide citizens with ongoing progress updates to ensure they were informed and aware that their concerns were being addressed.

The ripple effect of this transformation ultimately led to faster outcomes being delivered from the increased operational efficiencies gained and a higher level of citizen engagement.

The agency can now confidently place their data at the centre of its future projects and innovate rapidly, free of security concerns and manual processes.

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