Customer Success Story

MakeSense improves protection from offenders by achieving near real time integration between government departments

Customer Introduction

The customers are two government departments that work in law enforcement, communities and justice. They utilise sophisticated centralised IT systems that inform their frontline workers and management across diverse Australian locations. These two departments communicate and collaborate with each other to perform duties that strive towards shared goals. Information is a crucial priority in their everyday practical realities of protecting Australian citizens’ safety.

The Situation

These departments of the Australian justice system had been suffering from inefficient IT/data integration. Their data flow was prone to delays, integrity issues and errors. There was concern of offender details not being sufficiently accurate or up to date. These customers struggled to share information with each other when needed because the previous integration had limited capability. Both departments crucially need timely accurate details about offenders to then prevent crimes and improve safety. This knowledge gap was a necessity to become filled.

Enter MakeSense

MakeSense leveraged their experience in deploying MuleSoft technology to create real-time reliable integration solutions securely for these public sector organisations. Their changes provided a way to more thoroughly exchange and synchronise information between the two government departments in a safe and seamless way. This included real-time data exchange, a reliable message queue, resilient handling of error scenarios and a robust efficient message processing runtime engine. 

The Outcomes

MakeSense securely enhanced the inter-departmental integration between these two crucial pillars of Australia’s justice system. This has assisted both departments in sharing information and empowering justice workers who strive towards safety for Australians and do their essential duties more effectively. MakeSense provided solutions to connect these two departments, increasing overall collaborative efficiency and enabling them to share accurate and timely information through streamlined digital solutions. The project was customised to suit both customer’s unique security needs and met their desired integration outcomes. This achievement empowers public servants to act more promptly and proactively to protect the people.

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