Customer Success Story

MakeSense integrates rebate and licence systems to facilitate sustainability efforts for state government department

Customer Introduction

The customer is a government entity that provides community services, including sustainable services like fishing licences and solar panel rebates. Many people (with exceptions, such as particular age groups) have to use fishing licences for recreational fishing in that state. Proceeds from these licences contribute to services, including relevant infrastructure and education programs to provide better environmental care and sustainable fisheries for recreational fishing enthusiasts. Additionally, the department works with eligible households, who can apply for solar energy rebates after organising a quote from an authorised retailer. The goal is to make it easier for people to make sustainable choices and encourage the growth of green energy usage in the community.

The Situation

This government entity had an outdated system for processing applications and access. People had to visit an office to apply for rebates physically. Face-to-face requirements at physical locations were inconvenient, costly and time-consuming. Manual processes and the time spent lodging applications left people dissatisfied. This led to delayed rebates, further degrading the customer experience and slowing the installation of solar panels on homes.

Meanwhile, physical copies of documents and licences could become damaged or lost, causing unnecessary administrative tasks for their staff. Additionally, this meant that the government entity missed the mark on their sustainability goals, and they needed an alternative to plastic licence cards. The system needed to be modernised with an integrated digital service platform.

Enter MakeSense

MakeSense was given the project and got to work integrating the processes for solar rebates and digital fishing licences. They developed a process enabling certificates to be efficiently issued through convenient QR codes. Licences could be easily invalidated after expiry, improving accuracy and correct permissions. APIs also enabled secure transactions of these new digitised processes providing peace of mind for security-conscious citizens. MakeSense created a way to upload documents and images when applying for solar rebates – a valuable alternative to mailing or face-to-face processes. Parties were also able to scan and validate documentation through OCR capabilities. MakeSense created vital digital facilities for people to participate in this government entity’s sustainability efforts.

The Outcomes

MakeSense helped this government entity improve the accessibility and accuracy of sustainability efforts. They can now identify and eliminate fraudulent documentation and transactions, so the rebates and licences now consistently go to people who genuinely should receive them. People have better experiences applying for solar panel rebates to live more sustainably at home. They created digital fishing licence management so people can access this service from anywhere at any time. The MakeSense integration brought information together through APIs cost-effectively, efficiently, and securely. These digital solutions also created an alternative to inconvenient paper documents and office visits. This achievement modernised government services, bringing sustainable and CX-enriched initiatives to the people.

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