Revolutionising Real Estate: How a Coworking Leader Streamlined Their Sales Process

Customer Introduction

Our client is a leading force in the world of real estate, helping revolutionise the coworking space industry. They are masters at providing an array of services, spanning physical to virtual shared spaces, meeting the dynamic demands of modern entrepreneurship. Their innovative approach has caused continued rapid growth as they leave their footprint in CBDs all over the world.

The Situation

Despite their success, the client faced several operational challenges. They found themselves grappling with the need to integrate all their internal systems with Salesforce in order to provide their sales team with nearly real-time, accurate data across all systems. Additionally, they wished to efficiently track the lifecycle of their new and existing customers through Salesforce, deduplicating and consolidating various business modules like Lead Creation, Lead tracking, Nurturing, Tour Booking, Outcomes, Contracts, and others into a single system.

Furthermore, the company was dealing with significant issues like duplicate records (Leads, Contacts, Accounts), a low rate of lead conversion, and a cumbersome lead qualification & nurture process. They also identified a need for enhanced Account, Opportunity, and Inventory Management. The navigation between multiple systems and screens was proving complex, and data visibility & security were ongoing concerns. The lack of real-time data availability from in-house systems was another major pain point that required an external solution.

Enter MakeSense

Recognising the gravity of the situation, our client recruited MakeSense, a Salesforce expert partner. With our wealth of experience and technical expertise, we were perfectly positioned to architect a solution tailored to the client’s unique needs. Our scope of work was comprehensive, covering requirement gathering, system design, implementation, quality assurance, UAT sessions, deployment, and post-deployment support.

Our approach was to design a deduplication algorithm to tackle the issue of duplicate records and consolidated most of the day-to-day activities into a single screen, including CTI integrations. We provided enabling lead enrichment and scoring services for better lead nurturing and integratied with marketing tools for improved lead qualification.

We deployed a customised integration with the client’s in-house systems to provide real-time accurate information with a role and permission set based record and object visibility to enhance data security.

To bring this solution to life, we leveraged a range of tools and technologies including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, and MuleSoft and utilised our integration expertise to connect Marketing Cloud, Pardot, CTI Adaptors, Einstein Analytics, and the client’s in-house systems to create a holistic, connected environment. In addition, we utilised a comprehensive selection of 3rd party tools including ZoomInfo, Unomy, Lean Data. Google Geo-locations, JIRA, Confluence, Mockflow, Lucid Chart, Monday and Test Rail.

This project was backed by our SenseMakers, our dedicated team of technical architects, consultants, project/delivery managers, developers/software engineers, admins, quality assurance engineers, and production support engineers were all set to bring this ambitious project to fruition.

The Outcomes

This collaborative journey with our anonymous client culminated in an impressive suite of outcomes, marking a turning point in their operational efficiency and business success.

One of the standout achievements was a significant surge in lead conversion rate, which saw an increase of 400%. Coupled with this was a dramatic reduction in duplicate records, slashed by an impressive 95%. These two factors alone created an environment ripe for streamlined and improved sales processes.

By defining the opportunity lifecycle clearly, we enabled better sales processes, which resulted in more efficient account management. Our solution ensured the availability of real-time accurate data in Salesforce from multiple in-house systems, providing the client’s sales team with up-to-date and precise information for decision making.

Finally, the 360-degree data view for customer success represented a major value addition. This comprehensive visibility into customer data across all touchpoints allowed the client to understand their customers better, tailor their services accordingly, and ultimately drive customer success.

This fruitful collaboration with the client underscores the transformative potential of well-executed technical solutions. The project stands as a testament to MakeSense’s commitment to delivering results that truly make a difference, driving success for our clients and their customers alike.

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