Customer Success Story

State Health Department finds the cure to their data ailments with MakeSense

Customer Introduction

  • Customer is a Australian statewide health organisation that delivers reliable pathology services to the public.
  • Their pathologists are medically trained clinicians who work in public hospitals and modern laboratories. 
  • They’re supported by scientists, technicians and support staff who quickly and accurately assess samples so clinical teams can make the best possible treatment decisions for patients.

The Situation

  • Lack of digitisation of pathology results were delaying access to patient data and making clinical decisions slower
  • Increasing costs and efforts associated with transportation and testing
  • As patients demand faster care, healthcare IT teams are under increasing pressure to access clinical data insights and share them across physicians and nurses in real-time. 
  • Enable seamless capabilities and create better experiences for patients across regional and rural locations
  • Unify the 60+ labs across the state into a single statewide pathology service to delivery efficient services to people

Enter MakeSense

  • Built API capabilities to Collect, Store and Enable clinical data to doctors, pathology teams and forensic teams. 
  • Create better patient experiences across rural and regional centers by enabling access to pathology data across all channels through APIs
  • APIs designed with multiple digital experiences that can be accessed through custom web and mobile applications. 
  • Built API for dashboards to see patient history and seamlessly access pathology reports

The Outcomes

  • IT teams can harness the power of APIs to build new clinical apps and devices — driving better patient experiences.
  • Better patient coordination across multiple healthcare sites
  • Enable telemedicine, remote consulting, home health options with patient facing portals 
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Drive efficiency connecting patients, nurses, patients and pathologists

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