The T2 Digital Revolution: An E-commerce Success Story

Dive into the digital transformation journey of T2, a leader in the premium tea market, in our complimentary case study.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shifted consumer behaviours towards online shopping, T2 partnered with MakeSense to seamlessly integrate its online and physical store operations to capitalise on the rapid pivot to e-commerce. 

This case study explores how MakeSense’s innovative API solutions enabled T2 to manage inventory more efficiently, enhance customer service, and maintain its commitment to sustainability and artistic expression. 

Discover how T2 transformed its business model to thrive during challenging times and how it continues to innovate in customer experience across all platforms. 

Download the case study now to learn more about T2’s successful adaptation to a new retail environment.

Learn how MakeSense delivered to the customer

Unified Online & Physical Sales

Integrated customer experiences across online and in-store platforms, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Optimised Inventory Management

Automated inventory processes across stores to serve physical and online customers, reducing waste and increasing turnover.

Enhanced Fulfillment Efficiency

Leveraged brick-and-mortar stores as distribution hubs, speeding up delivery times and reducing last-mile delivery costs.

Real-Time Data Integration

Centralised pricing and inventory data, ensuring consistency across all sales channels and improving customer trust.

Improved Customer Engagement

Local fulfilment options strengthened community ties and personalised customer interactions, enhancing the overall brand experience.

Increased Sales & Customer Loyalty

Streamlined operations and consistent customer experiences boosted sales and reinforced customer loyalty during the pandemic.

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