Exclusive In-Person Event

Delivering on the promise of Customer First with API-led connectivity and Customer 360


Organisations today are competing in an extremely fast-paced landscape. Customers have an abundance of choice, the supply base is global, the cost of operating business is rising, and the war for talent is cutthroat.

To retain customers, organisations must have a 360 view of their customers that includes data coming from all online and offline sources and interactions, providing one version of the truth. Today’s business landscape demands delivering value via highly personalised and connected customer experiences from digital channels such as mobile apps, messaging apps, social media, as well as physical in-person delivery (supported by digital communications). For the customer facing channels to be connected, the underlying applications, systems, processes, and technologies must be well integrated. This is where API-led connectivity comes into the mix.

In this session, Salesforce and MakeSense, along with two of our marquee customers from the retail and utilities sectors, bring to you an in-person discussion on how API-led connectivity and a Customer 360 mindset helps achieve the Customer First objective.

Come along, check out the new Salesforce Tower and join the discussion followed by drinks and networking.

MakeSense and Salesforce In person event

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Discussion Points

The importance of Customer First in today’s business environment

Customer 360 - The what, the why, and the how

How a Customer 360 approach enables Customer First

The role of API-led connectivity in achieving digital transformation

Why API-led connectivity is an optimum route to systems integration

Common pitfalls for systems integration projects

The role of APIs in delivering cutting-edge customer experience

Building the business case for API-led connectivity initiatives

Security - an essential conversation for customer-first projects

Joining the MakeSense team on the day
will be the following participants

Mark Rosenberg Panellist

Applications Manager

Praveen Rajuladevi Panellist

Portfolio Manager, Enterprise Integration
Essential Energy

Donna Laubli Panellist

Account Executive

Michelle Dawson Moderator

Mulesoft & Slack Ecosystem

Simona Stambolziovska MC

Alliances - Partner Advisor APAC