Guide to the Top AI Trends for Business Leaders in 2024

AI is everywhere. But where to start? Our team of SenseMakers dive into the top trends and actionable insights you need to know to stay ahead of the competition.

The AI market has exploded, reaching a global value of over 295 billion at the start of 2024 and is set to 2.72 trillion by 2030.

AI Market Analysis Report 2024, GrandViewResearch

Can your business afford to be left behind?

Our 2024 guide dives into all the essential Data and AI trends for this year, handpicked by our expert SenseMakers. Dive into strategic insights and tailored approaches designed to empower your business, ensuring you stay ahead and thrive in today’s intensely competitive market.

MS AI Guide

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Our guide covers AI’s top trends, including:


Value Optimisation in Data & Analytics


Ethical & Transparent AI Risk Management


Enhancing Data Quality & Security with Blockchain


Building Relationships for Your AI Foundation


Evolving Cloud Data Ecosystems


Data Observability & Accessibility


DataOps & Augmented Data Management


Taking AI to the Edge

87% of global organisations believe that AI technologies will give them a competitive edge.

AI Market Analysis Report 2024, GrandViewResearch