Use case

Digitalisation of verification processes through API-Led connectivity

Discover how MakeSense's digital solution transforms the traditional verification check process from weeks to minutes.

Our API-led connectivity facilitates seamless integration across multiple government departments, streamlining operations and eliminating redundant manual checks. 

This transformation not only speeds up the verification check process but also significantly enhances accuracy and citizen satisfaction. 

Download our comprehensive use case to learn how digital transformation through MakeSense can modernise and optimise verification services, ensuring efficiency and superior customer service at optimal costs.

Complete Digitalisation

Transition from manual to fully digital processes, reducing errors and delays.

API-Led Integration

Seamless departmental collaboration through reusable APIs, eliminating the need for redundant checks.

Accelerate New Initiatives

Departments can quickly deploy new services using the established digital foundation.


Customers enjoy the convenience of applying for checks online via web or mobile platforms.

Dramatic Time Reduction

Cut processing times down to as little as 2 minutes, a significant improvement from the traditional weeks.

Direct Outcomes

Applicants receive their results directly via email, enhancing communication and transparency.

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