Use case

Digitalisation of verification processes through API-Led connectivity

Most of the Police departments have a manual process for accepting police check applications and it used to take 2-3 weeks to process a single application to issue a police check certificate as it includes a lot of backend manual work such as performing various checks like criminal history, legal cases etc. The process also involves engaging with various departments like COPS for matching/validating applicant’s profile. Manual keying and handling results in data quality issues causing impending delays and dissatisfaction to the communities. As volumes, complexity and variable increases, the greater the risk and ultimately costs through manual processing and intervention at multiple stages.

MakeSense’s solution

Governments often have multiple agencies, departments, and clusters that need to collaborate to deliver specific capability to their citizens. The digital solutions should enable government services through ‘one’ digital channel expecting a seamless citizen journey removing the challenges of manual processes across departments.

Through an API-led approach, government departments and clusters across government can reuse the APIs of another department to access their system and create processes without having to build new integrations. This accelerates the delivery of projects working across government departments.

Complete digitalisation of existing police verification processes decreased the processing time drastically from weeks to approximately 2 minutes to 30 minutes to each verification request, significantly saving time with superior citizen service and at optimal costs.

As part of the digitalisation of the police verification process, APIs are developed to receive requests from citizen-facing channels (website, mobile apps etc) and the data is orchestrated from multiple backend systems through APIs to automate the processes of validating criminal activities, checking legal cases with COPS system. This solution eventually enabled citizens to receive their police check certificate just within 2 to 30 minutes.

Steps to be taken

Benefits of solution

MakeSense has delivered successful eGovernance outcomes for various departments by helping create API-led digital foundations and enabling them to deliver superior citizen experiences. Our consultative API-led strategy and implementation services have helped governments fast track digital initiatives and transform the way they deliver their services to citizens and communities by automating manually intensive processes. Government enterprises and departments should select a technology partner who understands how to leverage digital solutions enabled through modern API-capabilities navigating new and unpredictable challenges. MakeSense can help governments drive efficiency, accelerate digital transformation, and deliver APIs and integrations faster. MakeSense is a partner of MuleSoft and Salesforce, which puts us in a unique position to help governments and departments drive innovations faster through automation and APIs.

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