Use case

Enabling Warehouse & Logistics management through API-led connectivity

Maintaining a sustainable retail/wholesale supply chain currently faces numerous challenges that escalate logistics costs, especially in distribution through fulfilment centres. One of the complexities is workforce management, where its efficient utilisation remains a persistent issue. Also, a deficiency in real-time inventory updates can cause missed business opportunities and could have an impact on customer experience, often resulting in delivery delays. Today’s business environment calls for predictability and reliability, yet under existing conditions, these can be hard to ensure. The absence of real-time package tracking compounds the issues impacting the customer experience. Onboarding new vendors is a laborious and time-consuming process requiring refinement. Not having a timely, accurate view of incoming inventory from vendors adds another layer of complexity to the process. The final challenge lies within the business applications, which are presently overly intertwined. They need modernising to enhance their flexibility and extendability.

MakeSense’s solution:

API-led connectivity provides cutting-edge technology that efficiently delivers operational, financial and data management with reporting and analysis capability. 

API-led connectivity delivers end-to-end supply chain integration, including inventory movements, vendor-managed inventory, creating purchase orders, inbound and outbound shipments, work orders, inventory synchronisation outcomes, and the financial and non-financial benefits of supply chain initiative corporate programs. Anypoint Platform acts as an enabler for Real-time Integrations and Data Synchronisations across organisations.

Steps to be taken

Implement Experience APIs

These will be utilised by field workers through mobile apps and web portals to review and update real-time information about physical assets, inventory, logistics, tasks, and payment requests.

Employ Process APIs

These will enable vital transformations involving work orders, inventory synchronisation, invoicing, payments, and other necessary functions, improving the overall operational efficiency.

Establish System APIs

These will create robust integrations with on-premise or SaaS-based systems. This includes systems for order management, warehouse management, transport management, ERP, payment portals, and reporting tools.

By following these three steps, MakeSense can optimise supply chain processes, enhancing overall efficiency and customer experience.

Benefits of MakeSense’s solution

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