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Managing a Growing Sales Team

Expanding a business brings with it the daunting task of effectively managing an ever-growing sales team. One substantial challenge is monitoring the performance of each team member alongside the collective outcomes of the team. This can be a complex and time-consuming endeavour, especially without the aid of robust systems. Equally significant is the obstacle of maintaining clear, effective communication throughout the team, especially as numbers rise. It becomes increasingly crucial to have solid communication channels to avoid miscommunication, and to encourage collaborative efforts.

Additionally, businesses must strive to keep their sales process consistent, even as the team expands. Larger teams can unintentionally lead to discrepancies in the sales process, impacting overall customer experience and potentially revenue. Similarly, the provision of pertinent training and support to newer recruits and existing staff, often turns into a difficult feat.

MakeSense’s solution

Implementing Salesforce SalesCloud through an expert partner like MakeSense can help overcome these challenges. 

SalesCloud offers robust tools for tracking individual and team performance, streamlining communication, and ensuring sales process consistency. MakeSense’s expertise aids in customising these tools, providing tailored training and support, enhancing user adoption, and maximising your return on investment. This partnership fosters efficient team management, even in periods of rapid business growth and enables the solution can grow and change alongside your business.

Steps to be taken


Setup and Configuration

Initially, MakeSense sets up Salesforce Sales Cloud, tailoring sales stages, processes, and metrics to align with the business's sales strategy. This ensures a customised, effective framework for sales operations.


Sales Performance Management

MakeSense then configures dashboards and reports within Sales Cloud to track individual and team performance. This includes crucial metrics like closed deals, sales cycle length, and win rates, providing transparent, measurable data for performance analysis.


Collaboration with Chatter

To foster efficient communication, MakeSense utilises Chatter, Salesforce's collaboration tool. They setup group chats, discussion threads, and notifications, facilitating seamless teamwork and information sharing.


Sales Training and Support

MakeSense integrates Sales Cloud with Salesforce's Learning Management System (LMS) for relevant training provision. They also offer ongoing support for troubleshooting and system updates, ensuring smooth operations.


Integration with Other Systems

To streamline the sales process and create a holistic view of customer data, MakeSense integrates Sales Cloud with other systems like ERP, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud. This unified approach aids in decision-making and process efficiency.

The benefits of MakeSense’s solution

Performance Tracking

With configured dashboards and reports, businesses can monitor key metrics of individual and team performance, aiding

Improved Communication

Salesforce's Chatter tool fosters effective communication within the sales team, preventing miscommunication and promoting collaboration.

Consistent Sales Process

By customising sales stages, processes, and metrics, businesses can ensure a consistent sales process, enhancing customer experience and potentially boosting revenue.

Tailored Training and Support

The integration with Salesforce's Learning Management System (LMS) ensures relevant training for the team, while MakeSense provides ongoing support for any system-related issues.

Streamlined Operations

Integrating Sales Cloud with other systems, such as ERP, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, provides a unified view of customer data, streamlining sales processes and enhancing efficiency.

Return on Investment

Leveraging MakeSense's expertise in Salesforce Sales Cloud can maximise your return on investment, making the most of your resources while growing the business.

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