Use case

Revolutionising Vegetation Management through API-led connectivity

The aim is to create a sustainable environment, reduce bushfires and manage overgrown trees. We would need to trim and chop trees and bushes regularly, along with ad-hoc requests or defects. This requirement comprises asset management (poles, cables, bay), geospatial network landscape, vegetation work management involving workforce, payments, reporting and analysis. 

Currently, the industry is having difficulty maintaining the various systems involved and managing the data to cater to business needs, resulting in point-to-point, inefficient, unreliable, non-standard and non-compliant clusters of integrations.

MakeSense’s solution:

API-led connectivity provides the latest technology for delivering sustainable efficiency and operational, financial and data management with reporting and analysis capabilities. It enables crucial support for identifying, recording, managing, and measuring all vegetation maintenance outcomes, including the financial and non-financial benefits contained in the End 2 End Vegetation Initiative corporate programs.

Aspects involved: 

  • Configuration: Establishment of Vegetation Management operational statistics to support the delivery of all required work data to end users
  • Work Planning and Management: Manage, assign, track, oversee, review, update, enquire and report on work in progress, work completed and future work
  • Workflow: Trigger, notify, alert, and update workflows for cyclical, responsive, and Ad hoc/supplemental work flows for operations staff 
  • Contract Establishment and Management: Create contract conditions in the system (regions, contract conditions, work cycles, fixed price and schedule of rates etc.)
  • Spatial: Identify, locate, travel to, assess, perform work on the appropriate region and enable data to be recorded using the spatial tool as a point of entry (drill down to forms for completion/submission, etc.)

Steps to be taken

Experience APIs

These are consumed by mobile apps and Field Web Portals, which field workers use to review the physical assets, review the tasks assigned, cycle work, update the status of the work and request for payments once work is completed.

Process APIs

Transformations involving work order, asset updates, geospatial information, task updates/completion, payment/Invoicing, reporting and analytics data.

System APIs

Asset management system, geospatial information system, ERP, payment portals, reporting and analytical tools.

For API-led integration, the answer is the Anypoint Platform

The benefits of MakeSense’s solution:

  • Scalable and reusable APIs can be built for different regions
  • Onboarding a new contractor workforce is an easy process
  • Near real time experience for field workers and faster and secure payment processing
  • Plugging in any new systems (for example, demand planning or procurement systems) with existing Experience and Process APIs takes significantly less time to be production ready
  • Improves operational efficiencies and enhances security

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