The state of digital transformation for manufacturing

Insights from the 2022 MuleSoft Connectivity Benchmark Report

Over recent years, the increasing emergence of new digital technologies has accelerated innovation in many industries. The manufacturing and production sector was forced to increase the time and resources dedicated to digital transformation than other industries during the pandemic to survive.  This led to rapid change across the manufacturing industry to enhance technological capabilities, resilience, and flexibility of the systems used in their facilities.

The 2022 MuleSoft Connectivity Benchmark Report reviews the impact these digital transformation projects have had on the manufacturing industry. It also highlights the issues that have arisen for those who failed to digitally transform including data silos and a lack of integrated user experiences.

Download the report to uncover the following insights:

  • What significant integration challenges manufacturing organisations are facing.
  • The cost of failing to build connected experiences for customers.
  • How APIs are delivering value through increased productivity and digitising end-to-end processes.

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