5 ways generative AI and data analytics will change customer relationships

5 ways generative AI and data analytics changes CX

KPMG’s Australian Retail Outlook 2024 found that 51% of Australian retailers are interested in using data analytics and big data. Generative AI is the next highest priority for this year, with 34% of retailers interested in leveraging it. This growing interest signals the pivots I see in not just retail but various industries across Australia. […]

Why should COOs care about AI?

Why should COOs care about AI for business?

Chief Operating Officers (COOs) are well-placed to lead AI adoption within the organisation. Aside from driving the required technological change, COOs can leverage AI for business decision-making, long-term planning and building business resilience. For COOs, AI offers more than mere automation and provides new ways to address challenges and spot opportunities with unprecedented accuracy. Within […]

Why Salesforce Makes Sense for your business

Why Salesforce Makes Sense for your business

A recent report from KPMG pinpointed the top 5 concerns of Australian business leaders this year. Among them were talent acquisition and re-skilling workers for a digitised future (42%) and controlling costs in light of inflation (38%). Both challenges reflect the trends we have witnessed in recent years where businesses need to do more with […]

Salesforce Data Cloud: Transform customer data into targeted marketing campaigns

Salesforce Data Cloud: Transform customer data into targeted marketing campaigns

Personalisation has become the flavour of marketing campaigns today. BCG reported that 75% of retail customers expect brands to understand their needs and expectations, including personalised marketing content. It is clear that there is a need, but does your organisation have the right tools to achieve this personalisation? Collecting and analysing customer data remains a […]

7 reasons an offshore managed services strategy Makes Sense

7 benefits of a shared service model

A shared services model consolidates resources into a shared pool that enables a company to execute tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. The objective is to use the minimum amount of resources necessary without impacting the quality of work completed. At MakeSense, our Shared Services Model is an operational strategy centralising skilled offshore resources. Our experts manage […]

MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail: Your blueprint for digital transformation

Why leverage MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail?

As consumers, we have grown used to instant gratification, up-to-the-minute accuracy and fast responses from retailers. We rely on websites and social media when deciding whether to purchase a product. Checking stock online before visiting a store has become common to prevent wasted time. We buy items online and get instant updates on the order’s […]

What are the consequences of delaying your Mule 4 migration?

5 consequences of delaying your Mule 3 to Mule 4 migration

In less than six months, MuleSoft will stop support for Mule 3.x on the 20th of March, 2024. Our team wrote in a previous blog about the benefits you can expect after a Mule 3 to Mule 4 migration. But, as the deadline approaches, what are the consequences of waiting for the deadline rather than […]

Overcoming sales challenges with MuleSoft’s integration and automation solutions

How MuleSoft's integration solutions solve sales challenges

Sales teams have to manage and interpret a great amount of data when engaging with prospects and customers. Across the CRM, finance software, customer service platform, and notes from calls, there is a lot of fragmented data, making it difficult to gain a clear, comprehensive view. This challenge is not unique to any business; it’s […]

Bridging the Gap: How MuleSoft enables Salesforce Data Cloud

Why integrate MuleSoft and Salesforce Data Cloud?

For years, businesses have grappled with data silos as they have had information scattered across various platforms and serving different purposes. Such fragmentation means you cannot get a complete picture of your business and customer data in real time, making it difficult for your team to deliver excellent service and for leadership to make impactful […]