The future of Data, AI, CRM and Trust: Our takeaways from Salesforce World Tour Sydney

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Last month, we attended the Salesforce World Tour in Sydney as a Gold Sponsor. We had a fantastic day networking with other Salesforce enthusiasts, but we also took this time to learn more about the latest advancements in Data, AI, CRM, and Trust. 

As a go-to Australian Salesforce partner, we pride ourselves on staying updated with recent innovations, so we seized this opportunity to deepen our understanding of the latest solutions, especially generative AI. This point is particularly important as we have seen more organisations look for ways to use generative AI as a medium to improve results and help employees deliver better outcomes.

We learned a lot at the Salesforce World Tour this year, but our four key takeaways included:

1. Building Trust in AI with Einstein GPT

73% of people surveyed in KPMG’s global study on Trust in Artificial Intelligence believed AI poses significant risks. 84% of people in this survey also noted cyber security as the top concern. To address concerns like these, Einstein GPT uses a Trust Layer to secure customer and company information in prompts. This layer anchors AI responses in CRM data, protects customer information via data masking, and enforces zero data retention, safeguarding data integrity and privacy. The large language model (LLM) won’t be able to learn or retain the CRM data, so it never leaves Salesforce. The Trust Layer also features toxicity detection in AI outputs and creates an audit trail for accountability.

From KPMG’s Trust in Artificial Intelligence study

Source: KPMG.

2. Unleashing the power of Data Cloud in AI-driven customer engagement

Salesforce Data Cloud enhances generative AI capabilities. It enables organisations to create unique customer profiles by combining information from multiple systems. Einstein can then leverage these profiles to deliver enhanced generative AI assistance to employees. It is the foundation that will allow prompts in natural language to improve the customer experience and draw on deep insights from the comprehensive data collected by grounding the LLM to provide responses based on your accurate and up-to-date information. 

3. MuleSoft: The gateway to comprehensive data integration

MuleSoft is a critical component in the AI ecosystem because it integrates data from non-Salesforce and legacy systems into Salesforce Data Cloud. It makes even the most challenging-to-access systems available through MuleSoft RPA. With it, your organisation can attain a seamless data flow of information that enriches the AI-driven customer engagement process.

4. Einstein Copilot brings conversational AI to CRM

Einstein Copilot represents a breakthrough in conversational AI for CRM. It provides a user-friendly, natural language tool that enables people to summarise content, ask questions, and understand customer data. Einstein Copilot also includes automation to accelerate work and help your team focus on more strategic tasks. Whether your salespeople need support managing clients or your marketing team needs to build personalised customer experiences, Einstein Copilot can help.


Salesforce has set new benchmarks for customer engagement and operational efficiency by integrating AI technologies such as Einstein GPT, Data Cloud, and Copilot into CRM systems. These innovations offer a holistic approach to leveraging data for generative AI to create more personalised and impactful customer experiences without compromising security.

Why choose MakeSense as your Salesforce partner?

MakeSense’s strategy for empowering Salesforce AI hinges on fully enabling the Einstein 1 platform, which allows your organisation to connect all data and infuse the customer experience with AI. We use MuleSoft to integrate data from non-Salesforce systems into the Data Cloud. Our solutions also configure Data Cloud to enable Salesforce’s AI capabilities, including Einstein Copilot. We configure Data Cloud and manage the platform to create secure, governed, and trusted operations. 

As a premier Australian Salesforce partner, MakeSense specialises in crafting bespoke strategies catering to your company’s needs. We use our expertise in Salesforce solutions to elevate customer engagement, streamline sales processes and strengthen your digital footprint to lay a solid foundation for your business expansion. Visit our Salesforce page for more information on what we can offer your organisation.

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