Why is Salesforce Data Cloud the future of personalised customer service?

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Customer service has become significantly more digital in recent years. Old-school approaches focused on single-channel methods like phone calls and in-person interactions are no longer a customer’s only choice for engaging a brand. Today, customers are spoiled for choice, with calling, instant messaging, chatbots, email and mobile apps available to contact companies and resolve issues.

While customers have all these choices, your service will only be as good as your data. It’s not enough to simply increase the number of communication channels; you must create a unified and cohesive customer experience across all these platforms. 

Salesforce Data Cloud manages the data needed to provide personalised customer service. Here are four ways it supports your organisation.

Omnichannel customer engagement

Omnichannel customer engagement integrates service across channels like email, social media, web chat and phone. It is about creating a consistent and unified customer experience, regardless of whether someone first interacts via web chat, for example, and then calls your service centre.

Salesforce Data Cloud collects all customer information in real-time and makes it available to service agents. So, agents can communicate with the same customers across different platforms without losing context or requiring the customer to repeat information.

This approach significantly improves customer satisfaction and service efficiency. Customers receive quicker, more accurate responses, as agents can easily track and continue interactions across various channels.

Unified customer data view for agents

Fragmented customer data creates significant challenges in customer service. When you have customer information scattered across different systems, it leads to incomplete views of customer interactions. This fragmentation often results in inconsistent service, with agents spending more time gathering data than addressing customer needs. It also increases the likelihood of errors and frustration from customers.

Salesforce Data Cloud adds customer information to Service Cloud for a unified customer data view, consolidating information from various sources into one platform. Agents can access complete customer histories, including interactions, preferences, and feedback. This comprehensive view allows for more personalised and efficient service, with all necessary information readily available.

Using Einstein to boost personalisation

49% of Australian service organisations have incorporated AI into their business. Salesforce Einstein follows this growing trend by bringing predictive intelligence to customer service. It analyses data patterns to forecast future customer behaviours, preferences, and needs. This predictive capability enables businesses to anticipate customer requirements and respond accordingly.

By analysing customer interaction data, Einstein identifies trends and preferences agents can use to tailor their approach when working with customers. As a result, customers receive more accurate and relevant responses, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. For businesses, this translates into improved customer retention. 

Self-service options

Not every customer will have time or feel comfortable picking up the phone when they have an issue. As such, self-service has become a growing trend by allowing people to dodge wait times and resolve issues themselves. Salesforce research shows that 61% of customers prefer self-service for simple questions or issues.

Salesforce Data Cloud supports self-service via Service Cloud by providing a rich repository of customer data and insights. This information powers intelligent self-service tools like chatbots and automated helpdesks, which can access a wide range of data to provide accurate, context-specific solutions. By leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud, your business can offer more effective and responsive self-service options that cater to customers’ individual needs.

Balancing automation with a human touch is key in modern customer service. While self-service options handle routine queries, complex or sensitive issues often require a personal touch. Salesforce Data Cloud supports this balance by providing agents with data collected at self-service. This integration ensures that when a customer needs to escalate an issue beyond self-service, the transition to a human agent is smooth and informed by the context gathered during their initial interaction.


Salesforce Data Cloud’s federation of data, personalisation, and self-service capabilities makes it a key factor in advancing customer service, strengthening customer relationships and improving service quality.

It truly meets today’s customer service expectations by supporting omnichannel engagement and ensuring consistent customer experiences across various platforms. Providing a unified view of customer data allows agents to offer more personalised and efficient service, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Salesforce’s Einstein further elevates personalisation by using data-driven insights to predict customer needs for more tailored interactions. Additionally, Salesforce Data Cloud’s support for self-service options reflects a shift towards autonomous customer support, using AI to provide personalised customer service.

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