Category: MuleSoft

Active Directory Integration with MuleSoft LDAP connector
Reading Time: 4 minutes
What is Active Directory (AD)? AD is a directory service developed by Microsoft for Windows domain networks. It is
Strategies for scaling MuleSoft APIs efficiently
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Below are a few excellent strategies for scaling MuleSoft APIs efficiently. Rate Limit Circuit Breaker Pattern (CBP) Auto-Scaling Horizontal
Standardise and accelerate development using reusable API Templates in Mule 4.x
Reading Time: 4 minutes
The MuleSoft template project is very useful for defining standards for designing Mule applications (xAPI, pAPI, sAPI) across your
MuleSoft — Global Error Handler
Reading Time: 7 minutes
Error handling in Mule 4 is critical to building reliable and robust applications. In Mule 4, errors are handled
Leveraging Common Flows in MuleSoft: Streamlining Integration
Reading Time: 5 minutes
In the dynamic landscape of application integration, efficiency and consistency are paramount. Imagine a scenario where a piece of
How to Integrate MuleSoft RPA and Anypoint APIs
Reading Time: 5 minutes
MuleSoft RPA automation and Anypoint Platform APIs can be integrated to achieve the best of both worlds: Process Automation
MuleSoft — MUnit Reusable Test Suites
Reading Time: 6 minutes
I will create a generic test suite using parameterisation in MuleSoft MUnits to test different test scenarios (e.g.: Positive
A step-by-step guide to installing Flex Gateway using Docker on AWS EC2
Reading Time: 9 minutes
Overview: Anypoint Flex Gateway is an Envoy-based, ultrafast, lightweight API gateway designed to manage and secure APIs running anywhere.
MuleSoft reusable components, auto-generated documents and endpoint details in 10 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes
Create custom traits, responses, resource types, and libraries so that API-led connectivity has a consistent format, response, error type,
How to Iterate over XML Attributes with DataWeave
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Recently, I had a hard time figuring out how to implement a DataWeave transformation to iterate over a set

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