Why Salesforce Makes Sense for your business

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A recent report from KPMG pinpointed the top 5 concerns of Australian business leaders this year. Among them were talent acquisition and re-skilling workers for a digitised future (42%) and controlling costs in light of inflation (38%). Both challenges reflect the trends we have witnessed in recent years where businesses need to do more with fewer resources. However, your company can only see such an achievement with the right tools.

Salesforce helps your business address these challenges. Its capabilities in AI and automation, in particular, enable a level of operational efficiency and data integration that was previously unattainable. When coupled with centralised customer data, Salesforce provides fast access to vital information, facilitating seamless customer service and enhancing marketing strategies.

With these features combined, Salesforce is not merely a technological solution but a strategic asset for today’s organisations. Here are a few reasons why it Makes Sense for your business.

Redefine efficiency with AI and automation

Salesforce’s AI and automation capabilities can help your business reduce costs and maximise ROI. These tools manage routine tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic goals that require human insight. AI and automation can unearth valuable data insights that support decision-making and optimise resource allocation towards more impactful activities.

Integrating AI with data analytics enhances customer personalisation by analysing past interactions and predicting future behaviours. As a result, your business can craft marketing strategies that anticipate customer needs, improving engagement and loyalty through tailored experiences.

Furthermore, AI and data analytics transform complex datasets into actionable intelligence, empowering individuals across an organisation to make informed decisions. This combination facilitates a proactive approach to using data, supporting strategic initiatives and promoting a data-driven culture that leverages insights for competitive advantage.

Use secure generative AI with Einstein GPT

Einstein GPT brings generative AI directly to the Salesforce platform, using existing data to generate relevant content and insights. For example, you can ask Einstein to create personalised content based on data in your CRM. This functionality improves customer engagement by providing content that aligns with customer expectations and delivers accuracy by leveraging the rich data landscape that exists within your business.

Einstein GPT draws on organisational data to produce insights and personalised content, ensuring outputs are deeply relevant to the business context. By accessing CRM information, Einstein GPT tailors its generative capabilities to the unique aspects of your business, enhancing strategies and customer experiences with data-driven precision.

A Salesforce survey found that 49% of Australians used generative AI as of September 2023. Data security concerns have also increased with this trend due to the risks of accidentally sharing sensitive information with these large language models (LLMs). Salesforce offers a secure experience by using but not retaining data, allowing your team to harness AI’s power without compromising data privacy. 

Source: Salesforce.

Build a single customer view

A unified customer view supports personalised marketing and service experiences. By combining customer data into a single profile, your customer service, marketing, and sales teams can deliver tailored, informed, comprehensive interactions based on each customer’s history and preferences.

Gaining a single customer view starts with integrating multiple sources to form a cohesive view of the customer journey. To achieve this, your organisation needs seamless information flow across systems, ensuring a consistent and complete profile that informs every interaction.

For example, Salesforce Customer 360 supports a single customer view by connecting CRM, commerce, marketing and analytics platforms – to name a few. Moreover, you do not have to adopt every platform from the Salesforce suite to enable all this; Salesforce integrates with your existing systems to centralise customer data.


Salesforce brings greater efficiency, accuracy and personalisation to your organisation. AI and automation create opportunities to improve processes and deliver data that informs decision-making. These technologies automate routine tasks and use data analytics to inform decisions, streamline operations and free up resources for more strategic initiatives. By integrating AI with data analytics, your business can predict and meet customer needs more accurately, fostering loyalty and driving growth.

By connecting disparate data sources and leveraging AI for content generation and insights, Salesforce enables businesses to offer more personalised and effective customer interactions. This holistic approach to customer data and AI-driven strategies positions your organisation to meet the challenges of today’s competitive and dynamic market.

MakeSense can guide your Salesforce journey

If you want more reasons why Salesforce Makes Sense for your business, we invite you to join us at Salesforce World Tour Sydney on Wednesday, 28 February. Immerse yourself in over 100 sessions exploring the latest advancements in AI, data, and CRM, including how these innovations drive your business forward.

If you cannot attend the event but want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are Salesforce specialists and can tailor a strategy to suit your company’s unique needs. Our solutions enhance customer engagement, streamline sales processes, and enhance your digital presence, setting the stage for growth. Visit our Salesforce page for more information on what we offer.

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