Salesforce Data Cloud: Transform customer data into targeted marketing campaigns

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Personalisation has become the flavour of marketing campaigns today. BCG reported that 75% of retail customers expect brands to understand their needs and expectations, including personalised marketing content.

It is clear that there is a need, but does your organisation have the right tools to achieve this personalisation? Collecting and analysing customer data remains a significant challenge for many businesses, hindering their ability to deliver truly personalised marketing campaigns.

Salesforce Data Cloud offers a solution to these challenges. With it, your organisation can collect and analyse data to segment audiences and create personalised experiences.

Collect first-party data on your customers

First-party data includes customer information that you collect from sources such as social media, your website, CRM data, and survey responses – to name a few. Rather than collecting data from second or third-party sources that your customers may not be aware of, you use data that your customers have consented to provide you.

High-quality data is key to effectively personalising marketing campaigns. Salesforce Data Cloud collects and standardises customer data, making it usable for marketing. It integrates with other data platforms like Amazon and Google and can leverage the power of MuleSoft to consolidate all your first-party data in one platform. In addition, Data Cloud consolidates duplicated customer information to provide one version of the truth.

Analyse customer data in real-time

Real-time data flow makes it possible to adapt to changing customer preferences and trends. This immediate insight into customer interactions informs timely adjustments to marketing strategies, which are crucial for staying competitive.

Salesforce Data Cloud provides tools for real-time analytics and consolidates data into one platform for easy analysis by teams or AI. Federated data models make it easy for anyone to understand complex data streams and gain customer insights. Your team can create these models using out-of-the-box tools or custom models, depending on your needs.

Data Cloud’s visualisation tools also make complex data understandable, helping marketing teams make quick, informed decisions for more effective, personalised marketing efforts. This way, customer data becomes accessible to everyone who needs it, not just technical people.

Identify target audiences with AI

AI has generated myriad opportunities for organisations to leverage new capabilities. Salesforce’s latest State of Marketing Report showed that personalisation is the third most common AI use case, with 88% of marketers using it for this purpose.

Salesforce Data Cloud integrates with Marketing Cloud to use AI capabilities to streamline audience identification and segmentation. AI analyses first-party data to uncover patterns and customer preferences and then provides marketers with suggested segments to kick off campaigns in a fraction of the time. AI-driven segmentation also identifies customer groups with shared characteristics and interests. From there, it will suggest potential new audiences to increase relevancy when targeting new segments.

In addition, it is essential that you do not market to customers who have already purchased a product. Salesforce Einstein identifies those customers and removes them from your segments.

Personalise customer ads

Ads tailored to individual preferences and behaviours are more likely to resonate with the audience. Personalisation makes ads relevant, increasing the likelihood of conversion. The challenge for many marketing teams is achieving this personalisation at scale. How can you advertise to the right customers on the right platforms?

Salesforce Data Cloud uses first-party data to personalise ads. Integrations with platforms like Google, LinkedIn, SMS and email allow marketing teams to deliver these personalised ads where customers are most active, enhancing the customer experience on their preferred platforms. If you use different technologies, you can seamlessly integrate them using Mulesoft. Your organisation can then collect data on ad performance and engagement metrics so that you can test and refine your strategy to improve the results in future.


Salesforce Data Cloud enables your organisation to transform customer data into targeted marketing campaigns. It streamlines the collection, standardisation, and analysis of first-party data, which supports AI-driven segmentation and personalised advertising. Segmentation using AI shortens the time it takes to launch campaigns and suggests new segments based on current data. Marketing teams can use Salesforce Data Cloud to achieve further personalisation through multiple technologies with native integrations or leveraging MuleSoft to connect with customers on their preferred platforms.

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