Bridging the Gap: How MuleSoft enables Salesforce Data Cloud

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For years, businesses have grappled with data silos as they have had information scattered across various platforms and serving different purposes. Such fragmentation means you cannot get a complete picture of your business and customer data in real time, making it difficult for your team to deliver excellent service and for leadership to make impactful decisions.

How can you break down data silos and obtain real-time data in your business? MuleSoft and Salesforce Data Cloud are a good place to start.

In a recent webinar, someone asked us about the difference between these platforms, especially how these two work in conjunction. I believe that understanding the tools and technology we use is critical to maximising their potential, so I’ve written this blog in a very non-technical way to shed light on the unique features of these platforms and how MuleSoft and Salesforce Data Cloud together break down silos and help you get real-time information.

Understanding Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud is part of the Salesforce Platform which is the core of the entire Customer 360. It serves as a data ecosystem for your business to locate, connect, and make sense of your data in real time. It works by integrating data into a unified customer record that you can use to provide an extraordinary customer experience.

Imagine Salesforce Data Cloud as an expansive library; in this case, the books represent different data points. The Data Cloud functions much like a super-fast librarian. It knows where to find each book, understands who needs a specific book, and delivers books to the right people at the right time, considering all their needs and previous requirements. In other words, Salesforce Data Cloud helps your business efficiently locate, process and leverage data.

Data Cloud provides a platform where your organisation can not only manage but also make sense of data. It supports data aggregation, organisation, and interpretation, enabling your team to derive actionable insights. With comprehensive management and insight capabilities, Salesforce Data Cloud empowers your team to create connected experiences, make informed decisions, and foster business growth.

What is MuleSoft?

MuleSoft is an integration platform that connects applications, data sources, and APIs. It ensures seamless communication and data transfer between systems, regardless of their differences.

Think of MuleSoft as a universal translator. Just as a translator allows people who speak different languages to understand each other and communicate effectively, MuleSoft bridges the gaps between disparate systems. It enables these systems to ‘talk’ to each other and exchange information seamlessly. In this way, MuleSoft ensures that businesses can effectively harness the full potential of their diverse technology landscape.

As an integration platform, MuleSoft plays a pivotal role in unifying disparate systems. Its capabilities span far beyond point-to-point connections. MuleSoft can foster robust communication between systems, regardless of their different ‘languages’ or formats. As such, it breaks down silos and allows data to flow freely across multiple channels.

How MuleSoft and Salesforce Data Cloud work together

MuleSoft facilitates data flow to and from Salesforce Data Cloud by linking various sources and ensuring seamless data transfer.

Let’s imagine that your business is like a city. In this metaphor, Data Cloud is the city’s library, housing a wealth of books (or data). MuleSoft is the city’s transportation network — the buses, trams, and trains that move people from one location to another.

The library’s resources are crucial, but its wealth of knowledge would remain underused without a functioning transportation system to deliver people to and from the library. MuleSoft ensures that data sources (the people) can reach the Salesforce Data Cloud (the library) and vice versa.

By establishing connections and ensuring the free flow of data, MuleSoft and Salesforce Data Cloud operate as an efficient and comprehensive data ecosystem. It delivers the right data to the right place at the right time, driving business processes and fostering informed decision-making within your business.


Salesforce Data Cloud is a single platform for your business to manage, organise, and interpret data, while MuleSoft is the integration platform connecting and transferring data where required. Each platform plays a distinct role, but together they create a system that enhances data management.

This integration of MuleSoft and Salesforce represents more than just unifying two platforms; it forms a powerful combination that significantly enhances business operations. With their combined capabilities, your business can manage and analyse data more effectively, leading to informed decision-making and meaningful, real-time customer experiences.

How MakeSense facilitates MuleSoft and Salesforce integration

We have years of experience leveraging MuleSoft’s API technology to deliver business transformation. Our customised services address the challenges of digital connectivity and automation, providing an effective solution that paves the way for a business transformation.

If you want to integrate Salesforce with other data sources using MuleSoft, we’re here to help. Our experience with MuleSoft has enabled us to establish a robust API-led architecture for our clients, ensuring they meet their long-term objectives.

A Salesforce integration with MuleSoft just Makes Sense. It enables you to successfully bridge the gap between your platforms, optimising their combined capabilities for your business needs. Visit our MuleSoft and sales cloud page for more on our capabilities.

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