How advisory and consulting can guide your digital transformation

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Factors such as the rise of hybrid work have caused leaders to reassess their IT needs to ensure they get the most from their investments. As a result, many companies have kickstarted or planned to undergo a digital transformation in the coming years.

The line between success and failure of your digital transformation is the robustness of your strategy and how well you execute it. However, a digital transformation is not easy and touches all facets of your business across your technology, processes and people. It can be difficult to know where to start, so an advisory and consulting company can help you move in the right direction.

Here are four ways they support your business:

1. Evaluate your current infrastructure

Advisory and consulting agencies will analyse your existing IT infrastructure to identify any areas that need improvement before undergoing a digital transformation. Their analysis includes evaluating the current network architecture, software applications, storage capacity, data governance, security protocols and policies. They will also assess the reliability of the existing systems and consider how they fit into your digital transformation strategy.

The aim is to establish whether the existing IT infrastructure can adequately support the company’s changed requirements and identify potential pitfalls in advance. By taking a comprehensive look at your existing systems and processes, advisory and consulting agencies can help you avoid costly mistakes or delays during the transition process. Furthermore, they can advise you on optimising the existing IT infrastructure for the new digital transformation. 

2. Develop a strategy

An advisory and consulting partner will work to develop a comprehensive strategy for optimising digital transformation. They will consider all aspects of your operations, including assessing the business model, technology platforms, customer experience, operational processes and data infrastructure. After evaluating these, the partner can identify areas where digital transformation could bring value and create a plan to implement the necessary changes. 

The advisory and consulting partner will also need to assess how digital transformation could improve and streamline your current processes. This could include the automation of manual processes, the adoption of cloud-based solutions and the implementation of analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour. In addition, they may need to consider how the company can use data more effectively to create better customer experiences and gain competitive advantages. 

3. Deploy the solution

Once the advisory and consulting partner has developed a comprehensive strategy, they work with you on implementing your digital transformation strategy. They will roll out new technology and provide training for your team while tracking progress against objectives and refining the plan based on feedback.

Digital transformation requires a shift in company culture, as it is not only about digital technology. An advisory and consulting partner can guide you in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

The partner can also work with the client’s internal teams, advising on how best to manage the transition and helping to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. The partner will provide ongoing support for your digital transformation journey, addressing any obstacles quickly and efficiently. 

4. Monitor and tweak the strategy

Monitoring progress is critical to the success of any digital transformation. An advisory and consulting partner can collect data from different departments, analyse it, and then make recommendations based on their findings. They will also be able to spot potential areas of improvement and suggest ideas for further development. In addition, they can provide training and mentoring to ensure employees have the skills necessary to use the latest technologies.

Tweaks might involve adjusting objectives or tactics in response to changes in technology, market conditions or customer behaviour. They can optimise the digital transformation to maximise the potential return by keeping an eye on the company’s progress. With regular monitoring and tweaking, you can be sure that your digital transformation efforts generate the best possible results.

What should you look for in an advisory and consulting partner?

You must consider several key factors when searching for the right advisory and consulting partner to help with digital transformation. First, it is important to evaluate their experience in developing successful digital transformations and their track record of success. Ask questions about previous projects they have completed, their methodology, and how they measure success. It is also important to look for a partner who is invested in the long-term success of your organisation, not just delivering on an immediate project.

Another key factor is how well the consulting partner understands your industry and specific business challenges. A good digital transformation consultant will have deep knowledge of the market and be able to leverage best practices from across industries. The consultant should be able to provide insights into common challenges and offer creative solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

The last key factor is the partner’s ability to ensure the successful implementation of solutions. Look for a partner that takes a holistic approach to digital transformation, understanding how different processes and technology work together to create effective outcomes. The partner should have a thorough understanding of the implementation process and be able to provide training, support and troubleshooting services as needed.

MakeSense can provide advisory and consulting on your digital transformation

Our API Program is the foundation for digital transformation strategies. We plan more than what you need implemented; we advise on fulfilling the purpose, known as the ‘why’ of a strategy, and how it impacts diverse stakeholders. 

Visit our Advisory and Consulting services page for more on our expertise and capabilities.

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