Integration Services Uniting Data Across Locations

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MakeSense Modernises Businesses through API and Integration Services

Integration services unite the data that is stored across different locations in an organisation. It helps people to easily access information and resources. When assets are used more efficiently, a business is empowered to provide more competitive value.

Here at MakeSense, we create the right foundation for the best integration approach. We build upon our technical capabilities, intellectual property and industry experience to then achieve partnership and engagement with our customers. We make every investment count and deliver results.

APIs form the heart of digital business transformation.

Why Organisations Need MakeSense Integration

Many businesses underutilise data because it is difficult to access and often separated in dispersed locations. Enterprises needed modern digital integration capabilities like API Integration tools and design prescriptions to connect departments with each other and their information.

Business connectivity

A business can improve connectivity to then enhance productivity, assets and data. We help to break business silos. Departments, offices and individuals can all be connected from anywhere. Whether you are working remotely or setting up new stores, we know how to bring it all together.

Accessible data

Our integrations unite data from on-premises and cloud applications. We bring together data sources and devices from any location. We uplift data from where it is hidden and distribute it to the destinations where it is needed. The possibilities are endless. You can gain more analytics and streamline processes.

API for Digital transformation

Our technological solutions improve efficiency and speed while also reducing costs. We provide the development and management of digital solutions. We help businesses to digitise so they can modernise their workforces and enhance customer experiences.

Business thinking strategy

We provide modern business design and technology design as two sides of the same conversation. Our integration supports business outcomes through sustainable business agility. MakeSense IT strategies have a purpose. We consider the ROI of our solutions.

Positive Disruption

Our integration services enable organisations to connect mobile devices and other ubiquitous connections to disrupt industries in ground-breaking ways. Great innovations are emerging. You can present greater digital experiences for your customers, empower staff to work remotely and introduce other portable connected devices from the Internet of Things.

Create value

We empower businesses to maximise the value they can gain from data. Brands can form targeted experiences for individual customers’ needs when they have the data to guide these choices. You can also see the broader trends. When you know what is happening and why this knowledge is power.

Integration Expertise

Our experts know how to integrate data across any organisation, even at an ambitious scale. We are experienced in Azure Data Platform. We executed multiple large-scale MDM and big data transformation programs, delivering SOA and microservices-based solutions across AWS and Azure platforms - especially intellectual property.


We create efficiencies that achieve a real return on investment. You will save time in the future by accessing crucial information more easily. Separate departments can more quickly share resources that they both need - so you don’t double up or spend extra time searching.

Empowering Differentiation

MakeSense helps businesses to leverage their existing capabilities and differentiation by uniting data and breaking down barriers. Our integration solution design enables enterprises to easily onboard new technologies without disruption. Users can consume the services across multiple channels such as the web, mobile and B2B channels.

Easier procurement

Our customers do not need to purchase hardware or software. They also can skip the installation, configuration and maintenance of products. We make technology easier.

Mindset Shift

Integrate digital technology into all areas of the business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. and an ‘integration first’ thinking approach. Perspectives need to build on how their critical business systems and data can be accessed securely and also in an efficient way.


We utilise SOA and Microservices Development to modernise enterprises. We also help organisations to achieve digital innovations including flexible work, technological customer experiences enhanced security and further advancements.

MakeSense specialises in large-scale integrations that unite crucial information for a variety of organisations including businesses and bureaucratic departments.

Thousands of applications can be built or migrated to the cloud. We create digital business integration through API-first thinking, shifting our customers’ mindsets. Integration brings data closer to the people who need it.


We know when to use an Integration Platform as a Service and how to build iPaaS integration flows that drive your efficient business process. This is a powerful way to share data between departments or locations. MakeSense can improve communication in your organisation.

Holistic Design Model

We plan the business and technology goals through enterprise business building blocks (APIs) and guide the use of integration technologies to build them. We create a strong foundation of technology so you can achieve more in the future.

Expertise in Azure Data

We conduct Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) procedures. This process will send data from multiple places, to one convenient location. We use industry-leading data integration and transformation tools like Talen.

Modern Digital Integration Capabilities

We design prescriptions and create enterprise-wide API strategies. Our specialists define the APIs, implement and orchestrate APIs with established policies and leverage DevOps-based collaborative development practices for deployment and management.

Build Common Data Integration Patterns

Our specialists leverage tools like Apache Kafka for streaming, Azure Service Bus for cloud messaging and build ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) logic. We know the right technologies to achieve your goals.

MDM and big data transformation capabilities

Master Data Management (MDM) helps to base decisions on strong data. It becomes an SSOT (Single Source of Truth) that aggregates data from diverse locations.

Customer success stories

MakeSense was the first among a few to deliver a full-scale cloud-based enterprise data and BI platform based on Microsoft Azure for a large utility services provider in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

API integration connects applications so they can share data. Businesses must integrate to share information and other resources across various devices and locations. This modern collaborative mindset prevents doubling up on resources, saves time and can ultimately improve profitability.

IT specialists may follow a series of steps when creating an integration. They will identify the requirements and specifications – what is needed. A feasibility analysis will show what is possible and how. Architecture and development involve constructing a plan of how the integration will be structured. Then the management plan assesses risks and outlines implementation. System integration design includes tests and details. Then the technicians will implement the integration. Finally, it is important to evaluate success and opportunities to improve.

An integration Platform as a Service is a group of cloud-based services that support a better data flow. iPaaS can connect departments, services, applications and data.

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